Born in February 1967 and originally from Newbury, Berkshire (in the UK) I graduated with a degree in Computing Science in 1990.

After working for IBM (several times) and British Airways and then a small research company in Utrecht in the Netherlands I ended up at Xyratex in the UK.

In the UK I have lived in Southsea (Hampshire), Raynes Park (West London), Southampton (Hampshire), Eltham (South East London), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Newbury (Berkshire) (in no particular order) before moving to the US. I lived in Newbury until I was 18 and then moved to Eltham for University at what was then called Thames Polytechnic but is now the University of Greenwich. Whilst living in Newbury I attended Winchcombe primary school, Park House secondary school and St. Barts - St. Bartholomew's - sixth form.

As a kid I was fairly quiet, shy and was bullied a lot. I was heavily into making model aeroplanes along with my best friend Nick Somerville. Our house on Newport road in Newbury was always run down until I bought it from my mother and renovated it. We'd lived well below the poverty line until I started working.

Although I spent the rest of the time moving between locations in the UK, I would now count Southsea, Hampshire as my British home base (Bembridge Crescent).

That said, I took a company relocation to the US in 2005 and now live in Los Gatos, California 95033 (which I love) with my wife Ione and my two kids (Maddie - Madeleine b.1998 and Ollie - Oliver b. 2000) having just moved from San Jose.

I'm a senior firmware development manager, firmware architect and consultant systems engineer for Xyratex NASDAQ:XRTX (a data storage company) based in Fremont, California - All are part of the 'Silicon Valley' area of mid/northen California - also known as the southern ' San Francisco Bay Area'.

I am not an avid photographer, and never really achieved much in art classes at school but I do like to take photos of our kids, nine cats and especially of geographical places I have visited. I feel that the latter category is where I have most skill - albeit minor. I also enjoy taking what I call 'desktop wallpaper' photos ie abstract, often close-up, natural patterns that cannot be easily identified just from the picture.

I am/was an aviation buff. (I also have a lapsed UK private pilot's license). I still can't help but look at aircraft and the smell of jet exhaust at an airfield makes me nostalgic to fly again.

I would also count astronomy as an interest although nowadays it is more armchair based. Anything physics or chemistry based gets my attention.

I am also an avid share/stock investor. I'm a contrarian value investor (for those that know the terms) and so far have done well over the last ten years. I have run a share club in the UK and I also studied to become a chartered financial adviser which is why my full list of post-nominals are:

I like to consider myself a polymath. I'm a trivia hound and, according to my daughter, a walking calculator. My areas of interest include economics (macro and micro but especially the latter), philosophy (esp Nietzsche), physics (as much as I can understand), chemistry (ditto), travel, geography, history, politics, military matters and strategy to name a few (my wife would add 'ranting at traffic' and 'dreadful puns' to that list).

If I had a motto it would be 'I need to know'.

I especially like debating issues. I love thinking on my feet and thinking around subjects I have less experience in. I like to think I can bluff my way in any subject, in detail, for 10 to 15 minutes with people realizing I know very little......It's a hobby of sorts.

I mentioned politics - well... in the UK I'm a Tory 'Wet' (centrist) and a Conservative Party member. I did not vote in the UK general election due to the shameful way postal ballots were handled by the electoral commission and I didn't receive my papers until 3 weeks after the election.

In the US (despite not being able to vote yet due to just having a green card) I joined the Democratic party. This is because I hate the religious element of the Republicans and their idiot falsely moralistic stances. They aren't even fiscal conservatives if you look at the mess we're in now. I also find that as somebody who follows economics intimately the 'recession busting' policies they are putting forward make no sense and will make matters worse.

That said, I joined the Dems because they want to change California voting structures which I believe should be the only goal of the next governor. Call it my dance with the devil.

One last thing. I suffer from an autosomal dominant genetic disease (inherited from my father) called FCAS - familial cold auto-inflammatory syndrome. It basically means too much movement or too much cold or too much fatigue and all my joints start hurting dreadfully (especial hands, feet and knees) and feel as though each has been seriously bruised/sprained. It often hits 5-6 joints simultaneously which means I now restrict my movement - sometimes because I simply can't move. It sucks but doesn't stop me working and as a result I enjoy getting out more on the days when I can do so.

Anyway, I suspect you're bored by now... You may see that I'm a cat addict - we have 11 - enjoy the photos of the family, pets, friends and places we've been. We're only up to 27 US states/territories but we're working on it; personally I'm up to 32.

So, time to sign off....

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Tim (Timothy) Pearce
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