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"Home is where I use my camera."



TIA International Photography is a registered and licensed proprietorship based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

TIA International Photography is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington.

TIA International Photography is a BBB Accredited Photographer in Seattle, WA

TIA International Photography is also a member of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.


A tiny sample of what to expect here:


Manhattan Almighty

Where Heaven Greets Earth

Je suis Paris!  Aimez-moi!

Golden Gate Wonder

The Emerald City of Gold

All’s Well & Swell in this City Called “KL”!

By the Light of the Lion

Our City of Shikaakwa Today

Photos of TIA International Photography (12)

  • Seattle by Empty Quarter
  • Sleepless in Seattle by Op$y
  • Downtown Evanston, Illinois by Maryland Route 5
  • Waterfront by Shoeven
  • Red Bean Worshippers by Alton Parker Photography-Chicago
  • Season to be Thankful by Ernie Kwong Photography
  • Good Morning Dubai by https://www.facebook.com/aamygul
  • Kiss On The Lips by Stephen Kacirek
  • Reflection Pool by Stephen Kacirek
  • Beautiful Danang by khoise7en
  • Too Fast Too Furious | Istanbul by Ohoud "Oudi"
  • The Launch by Stephen Kacirek

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    Mark B. Imagery © says:

    "Great photography by Tosin. I regard TIA International Photography as one of my favourite Flickr Contacts. I find Tosin to be very complimentary in his positive attitude towards his photography and others as well. He is most approachable for advice and tips. It was so good to see that he visited Australia recently, and captured some beautiful images of my country.
    Keep the great photographs coming. You can never be too tired of viewing his images."

    September 19th, 2014

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    Emil Akberli says:

    "I've been Tosin's follower for 5 years I guess and all this time when I looked at his pictures they always inspired me. I love the way he sees the world and shows us through his lens. I find him one of the best photographers in his style of photography!

    Thank you for all of your kind comments to my photos! You are my inspiration! I don't know why I haven't left a Testimonial before. Well, it's never late! Keep up great work and inspire others like me ! :)"

    April 12th, 2014

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    _SG_ says:

    "~ It is a pleasure to count you as contact.

    I didn't know if we ever meet personally, but I have the feeling, that we meet often during our time on Flickr. There are a couple of amazing and various images in your stream, everytime interesting to view and to catch up the idea and processing behind... thanks for some inspiration!

    Keep up your great work... ~"

    September 27th, 2012

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    Book'em says:

    "Phenomenal Professional Photography, that's what I see each time I look at one of Tosin's magnificent images.
    Phenomenal because he can capture the heart and soul of a city like no other. Vibrant colours, unique viewpoints and vast skylines bring out the character of the cities he chooses to photograph.
    Professional because his work is far from happen chance, Studying each shot reveals that he has put in considerable time, effort and money to get that perfect shot. He is out working while the rest of us are sleeping. Easy to see that he's a hard worker who can deliver consistantly excellent shots.
    Photographer because his unique style shines through in all his images. His artistic vision brings each shot to life. His combined work is a true celebration of the human experience on our beautiful planet.
    btw Tosin, I appreciate your thoughtful comments and continued support.
    All the very best, my friend!

    March 3rd, 2012

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    KurtClark says:

    "Tosin's pictures are clear and concise. He manages to find an interesting bit to add into each one. I especially like his night shots, which portray well the feeling of the world when the sun goes down.

    His photos are a welcome addition to the King County After Hours group here at Flickr."

    January 10th, 2012

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    Ruben: goOffgoffPhotos - Life Is A Photograph says:

    "I am in total awe each time I view his work. I find that I am constantly awaiting to see what he will create next. His artistry is fascinating to me. I am always drawn into his subjects. His rich and bold colors are never overdone or distracting. He has this uncanny way of being able to allure you w/colors and keep your eyes dazzled by all that his photos provide. They're full of life, depth and breathtaking."

    January 7th, 2012

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    wehaveapiperdown says:

    "If you like aerial and city photography you've come to the right place. You won't find a photographer who captures a city's moods and character like Tosin. He inspires me every time i come by his photo stream and am always grateful for his kind words and thoughts on my photos as well:)
    You should be doing this for a living Tosin!"

    July 5th, 2011

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    Steve Rosset says:

    "Tosin Arasi will bring you on a photographic voyage unlike any other. His work is truly spellbinding and crafted to the highest level of quality. It is rare to find someone that can so vividly portray the environments around us. If you are thinking about hiring a photographer, Tosin is your man. His images are always impeccably developed and his amazing support for fellow photographers make him one of the key pillars of this great community. Tosin, I wish you all best on your photographic voyage - you are a great friend and I thank you for all amazing support and encouragement you have given me."

    November 14th, 2010

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    RICHBRAT says:

    "TIA International is one of the major pillars of creative inspiration I know on FLICKR. Every page on his photostream becomes an addiction. Take one look and see!!

    SHOOT ON T... SHOOT ON!!!"

    November 13th, 2010

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    Lori - Learning Junkie says:

    "Tosin was one of my first contacts on flickr. He has been an inspiration to me through his masterful photography and constant encouragement. He brings a wonderful combination of artistry and technical skills to his photography and leaves the viewer awestruck by his images. I love to see his international photos and of course his work from Seattle. I am inspired by his talent and appreciate his kind spirit."

    November 10th, 2010

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    Sea Prince 148 says:

    "For your work! I feel is very professional! I gained a lot! To recommend it! Are also grateful to you will have to share! Look forward to more of your beautiful work! (Please bear with my English degree more ...)"

    November 15th, 2009

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    Edmontonenthusiast (gone!) says:

    "Tiascapes is a very fine individual with a very clear passion for photography and various cities across the world, especially in his homeland of the United States.

    He always gets stunning results out of his camera and Flickr loves it! I especially enjoy his long exposures and skylines which seem to be works of perfection.

    Amazing work tiascapes, I hope you go far with professional photography in the future!"

    October 29th, 2009

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    Alpha Whiskey Photography says:

    "For anyone wanting to lose themselves in the majesty of a towering cityscape, to marvel at the sheer scale of urban civilisation, and to revel in its vibrancy at sunset or night, then this is where you stop. For anyone wanting to dream of wandering the rugged yet resplendent landscape, to be humbled by the devastating beauty fashioned by Nature, then this is where you stop.

    Tosin’s dazzling images mesmerise as much as they inspire, and effortlessly reveal his awe at the world around him. They entice us to stop for a moment and more, to share in that awe and wonderment, to learn about our world and ourselves.
    Quite simply, his vision enables us all to see. And we are immensely thankful for that."

    July 21st, 2009

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    J P Gormley says:

    "Tosin's unique approach to photography will have you captivated, exploring his detailed images revealing the expressive personality of their lively settings. Take his urban landscapes 'after dark series' as an example, this series of images will take you places you have never been before revealing the true underlining character of many of America's great cities in-particular his home town of Seattle. He has the special ability to speed up or slow down your perception of motion all in a single image.

    I would encourage you to take the time to view some of Tosin's work, his photography will leave a lasting impression."

    July 12th, 2009

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    Brandon Godfrey says:

    "Having a look through Tosin's photos, you can tell that he has been practicing his craft for a long time. His urban style is something i'm a big fan of. He always finds the angle that few have sought out before, and with superb results!

    Thanks for all your feedback and complments my friend! I look foward to meeting you."

    May 24th, 2009

September 2007
Seattle, Washington, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Professional Photographer
tosin [at] tia-international-photography.com