Interdisciplinary Iconoclast & Creatrix of Awesome


practically: interdisciplinary iconoclast and creatrix of awesome. performance artist, production assistant, creative producer, writer, media personality, rabble-rouser, dabbler. formerly tiara the merch girl.


personally: based in brisbane, australia; from malaysia, of bangladeshi parentage. child of migrants & travellers all the way down; very much a traveller at heart. queer poly pansexual; kinsey 4.5, available. cisgender female for the most part. perpetual foreigner. possibilitarian.


interested in: diversity, representation, sexuality, sex positivity, creative self-expression, queer identity, gender, feminism, anti-racism, intersectionality, body acceptance, books, the internet, media, performance art, alternative burlesque, the erotic and sensuality, rethinking conventional paradigms, activism, community building, love and affection, festivals, events, interactive art, reading, anything that looks like fun, travel, the cute and fluffy, improv, writing, physical theatre, circus, stage work, slam poetry, burlesque, ideas


alternative ♥ culturequeer ♥ queer ♥ cosmopolitan ♥ flamboyant ♥ theatrical ♥ political ♥ activist ♥ silly ♥ magical ♥ enthusiastic ♥ curious ♥ poignant ♥ earnest ♥ sincere ♥ heart-on-sleeve ♥ sensitive ♥ thought-provoking ♥ eccentric ♥ random ♥ intense ♥ rabble-rousing ♥ feminist ♥ dramatic ♥ helpful ♥ multicultural ♥ sensual ♥ sexy ♥ weird ♥ odd ♥ personal ♥ moving ♥ intellectual ♥ carnivalesque magician ♥ sex-positive ♥ erotic ♥ outspoken ♥ headstrong ♥ passionate ♥ awesome

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  • JoinedJanuary 2010
  • OccupationCreatrix of Awesome
  • HometownJB
  • Current cityBrisbane
  • CountryAustralia
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