are actually taking the time to read this?

Since you are here, I will give you some information. I wanted to be a photo hobbyist back in the 80s, but the film thing was just too complicated for me. Took too long to see the results.

This digital thing though is great, especially for impatient people like me. I actually owned one of the original Sony Mavica cameras that wrote to a floppy disk. Maybe I should put up a photo of that thing sometime on here. I got back into photography lightly last year and now have become somewhat obsessed with it. The Canon 350D was a good start, but I recently got a 40D. Now I'm starting to add L class lenses.

As you will see in my photostream, I shoot lots of different things. Some might be interesting images while others can be quite silly. It just depends.

Interiors is my reason for being as it supports our family business, Brooks Kitchen and Bath Design. Those are very important to us. My wife designs the kitchens, I photograph them. It works well.

But every now and then I get the chance to shoot models and some sports. So far this year I have shot a wedding and NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

This is a journey of a work in progress, as we all are.

ThreeWide dba Camera Eye Photo. Get yours at

If you view my contacts here, please be aware that I am not responsible for the type of content you see on their photostream. They all take good photographs, however.

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