Update: 2009 I must return my borrowed Nikkor 1.4 ... after three years of togetherness. I went out and bought myself the Nikkor f1.4D as a replacement.
Update: In 2008 I bought my second digital - a Canon that fits in a pocket. I also bought the waterproof case for it. Pretty good for close ups.
Update: In 2007 I bought a DSLR. (Same one that Jake has, and I still borrow his 50 mm lens for indoor shots).
By the way, my photos are Creative Commons Attribution, so if you use one please credit "Thom C" (and let me know if it is on-line, I am very vain and want to see where it lands).
[2006] All my cameras have been gifts. I had a Pentax for a long time, until the shutter wore out (my dad has it for parts - he gave it to me as a gift to take photos of the kids - he still uses his same model). Before that I learned on my dad's Yashica range-finder. Jake gave me my first SLR just a few years ago (2002?), a Nikon N65. and I didn't really start to use it until 2004. So, I'm still learning. I shoot film almost exclusively. Most all of the indoors shoots are with a borrowed NIKKOR 50mm 1:14 lens. Some day I'll buy a DSLR.
About me:
• I like fiddle music.
• I like hats. (That avatar is one of Rushad's caps)
• Outwardly outgoing but secretly timid

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October 2005
Plainedge, LI
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