Things You Can’t Take Back is a blog and resource for all the young angry people who love all the world's old things and past peoples, who value what we learn about our selves and humankind through artifacts and bones, and who are dedicated to saving the culture and bodies of the past from the destructive international criminal market. My goal is to inform students, particularly undergraduate college students, on cultural heritage issues (particularly the illicit antiquities trade) and give them the tools they need to do something about it themselves. Even if that tool is simply having the right book for their research.

The sets here are a part of a collective photo archive called Holes: Looting in Photos. This project is an effort to bring together the many images of looted archaeological sites and looted artifacts to more effectively present what our destroyed human history actually looks like.

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Meg Lambert
July 2012
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Grad student/blogger
Things You Can't Take Back