I have a background in mortgage and real estate, and later parlayed that into blogging, which I gained an intense passion for, along with photography.


I began using photos from Flickr quite frequently to accompany my blog posts, with citation of course.


After a while, I decided to give back to the community by shooting and uploading my own photos, which are typically licensed for use on your own blog or website.


And so now I'm somewhat addicted to taking photographs, often of odd items, like random signage and such, but not so much of people, although I'm starting to dabble.


Feel free to use my photos as you wish (assuming license on individual photo page permits it), but you must attribute/link to their individual Flickr page or as otherwise specified.


Photos licensed as "All Rights Reserved" may not be used without my express permission. Please contact me directly in those cases for possible usage, I'll probably say yes if you ask nicely.





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