The RE Store is a non-profit organization committed to reducing waste and inspiring reuse.

Our retail store in Bellingham stocks quality building materials where customers can buy, donate or trade a huge variety of supplies. Some examples: architectural salvage items and appliances, bathtubs and beams, cabinets and craft supplies, doors and doodads, and on and on and on...

The RE Store Salvage Services offer free or very affordable salvage services and donation pickups, saving money for homeowners, businesses and contractors on costly removal and disposal fees. Our demolition/deconstruction services provide a competitive alternative to wasteful demolition.

The RE Store also hosts educational workshops and recycled art events to empower and inspire community members to build skills in home repairs, sustainable living, and creative reuse.

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The RE Store
March 2010
Bellingham, Washington
Bellingham, USA
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Building materials salvage services, retail stores and reuse inspiration
The RE Store: Salvaged and vintage building materials, salvage services, do it yourself resources, recycled art and more