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Like a cup of winter coffee, I cause burns like boiling water. Calculating and methodical, my photos meander through all aspects of everyday life. Who are the stars? Everyone I meet.

UPDATE 12/07/2012
I want to begin by welcoming to my family of cameras, my NIKON D3S!! I have taken a big risk. I never ever thought I make this step. When I was at Nikon on Broadway last month, I left the shop taken a brochure of the D3S thinking - "It'll never happen". Then a month later it did! I brought it from Nikon refurbished and I'm so happy with it. It's low light capabilities at 12,800 ISO are incredible (new possibilities in every Cathedral and Church!) and it's speed is phenomenal. I never thought this could happen to me, and I'm so happy that something good has come from the D700 tragedy. I have reflected on this reasoning that I would not have make the D3S step had I not totally written off the D700. I now look forward to new opportunities and never waste the day. Fortune it seems, is on my side.

UPDATE 11/06/2012
My Nikon D700 has shot 70,114 photos in 13 months and has been an incredible soldier in the Mission of providing the best photos. It's study construction and design and size has worked time and time again on Client photoshoots in every situation. Until this day - it rained lightly in Sydney as I was photographing the 2012 Walk With Christ and water seemed to get into the body. Then things started to fail, first I noticed that horizontal lines appeared in photos that I had just taken, then the Review button didn't work. I went home and used a vacuum cleaner to suck out the water and moisture. I sent the camera to Nikon On Broadway and they said that it wasn't covered by warranty. Oh great. It's a complete write-off. So I'm left without any Nikon camera and my list of jobs to complete are increasing. What am I going to do?!?!

update: 11/07/2011
My Pentax K20D has shot over 112,957 photos. It has been a true workhorse and more for me. It has been responsible for shooting all my weddings (except my first!) and being my most dependable camera. At the centre of my Pentax K20d is a core of hard work, sweat and plenty of running around for that "best shot" - every photo has been another happy memory either for myself or my clients! But business and fun have paid off very well, so I've now included a NIKON D700 to my camera family! I've matched it with a 24-70 f/2.8G lens and the performance is on that next level of photographic enlightenment! I love doing what I do and I've been blessed incredible enthusiasm and a keen eye for remarkable timing! I will continue to support FlickR with the best photos!

update: 23/05/2009
My photo operations have shifted up a gear. I've bought the Pentax K20d and have several weddings booked. I'm so excited because this is what I love doing - taking the best photos. This k20d rocks!

The Pentax K100d has taken over 60,000 images. The K100d has been a true workhorse and faithfully been at my side for some of the most amazing images I've ever seen. I've launched very quietly my own photography business and through my extensive contacts won a promising set of events. From birthdays, to Masses, I'm there!. I'm still amazed at the FlickR quality of the community and will renew membership for the max 2 year period soon! FlickR ON!

update: 16/06/2007
My Ricoh R1V broke down in April, after shooting 26,000 photos! In June I puchased my first digital SLR, a Pentax K100D. Two weeks later, I'd buy a $100 Ricoh Caplio GX. A new era has begun.

update 27/10/2006
I'm slowly finding out that more of my friends are printing out my photos for their personal albums, wallets and folders. That's a really nice compliment without any words.

update 17/05/2006
My Ricoh R1V is going very well, I took my 13,000th photo with it during the month. It's techinical performance vs size weight still astounds me.

update: 04/08/2005
Last month I dropped my KODAK DX3215 for the first time. Unlucky for me, I would never be able to drop it again - the focus mechanism, broke. But the good news is that I've been searching for a camera to last 5+ years AND I'VE FOUND IT!! I bought myself a 5MP RICOH CAPILO R1V with a 512mb SD card. I had been searching through specifications between many cameras with price and features criteria and this is the best for me. Check out my photos now - I'm on FIRE!! but before you run off and start loading my pics, I just want to take this time out to thank the Flickr community for stopping by and leaving comments while I was inactive on Flickr: thanks!

update: 04/04/2005
My friends' sponsored me with a pro account for my birthday and now I feel is the time to acknowledge that here: thanks to FNET contributors, for helping me along my way. Thanks heaps for this pro account - I won't let you guys down!!

update: 08/12/2004
armed with only a simple KODAK DX3215 with only 8mb (!!!) I take pics of the everyday lives of friends and strangers. I've been taking pics for about 7 years now and I have a massive personal gallery of more than 10,000 digital pics and 400 prints. Is taking a photograph addictive?- I think I'm too biased to answer.

I administer some groups on FlickR namely,
the Glebe Thinking pool, the W I D E S C R E E N pool, dedicated to patched digital photos and the University of Western Sydney pool for university life at UWS.

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    Andy... You Goonie! says:

    "Even though he may be from down under and even though we've never met, I've always felt like a part of Giovanni's journey. I find his photos to be both edgy and fresh. He always manages to capture an image and make it his own. I do wish you the best of luck in all that you do and am a huge fan of your photography.

    Never say die!

    Andy x"

    April 26th, 2007

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    Ananova says:

    "Amazing Photostream!!

    Thank You for Sharing.


    July 11th, 2006

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    1869 says:

    "A prolific and talented photographer. Who else would commit a complete set of School year photos to the web, as well as a pre-birth radiograph? (An amazing example of the web's potential for documentation.) The pretenda is a master of the medium, a documenter, a serializer, a scrutinizer, an original. He is encouraging to others, an artist with David Lean-style widescreens, and always worth a visit."

    February 16th, 2006

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    Dr Snafu says:

    "The Pretenda is a machine. Not a bad 'take over the world and destroy mankind' type of machine, he's a friendly flickr-bot. Flickr is only as good as the people who submit photos and Pretenda is the best type of flickr deviant there is. Not only is he a nice guy, but when it comes to photography the man just does not stop. Even a broken camera can't hold him back!"

    June 23rd, 2005

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    frombrosis says:

    "What does one say about Pretenda? Indeed, what does one say about a true hero of our times? A battlemage for the forces of good and light, a sage giver of advice and a prudent pillar of religious zeal. Because these are what Pretenda is, a true giant amongst fleas. A bastion of all that is brilliant. Pretenda, a true champion, a giver of good things and the founder of the internet."

    August 12th, 2004

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