The Marketing Organization opened its doors for business in 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina, with specialties in marketing, face-to-face communications, and small business acquisitions.

As an organization, we are committed to growth; growth for our clients and for our people. As our clients want to expand their market reach, we look to promote our team from within and offer opportunities for career advancement. We give clear benchmarks to note success and rewards to those who give their all. We promise to work as hard for our team as they do for us and to reciprocate their tenacity.

The Marketing Organization team is driven, competitive, and resilient. As an organization, we applaud individualism and the ability to self-motivate. At The Marketing Organization, we believe our job is to give our team the tools to succeed and their job is to guide themselves along the way. We believe our team works better when given the autonomy to lead. We strive to build leaders vs followers and enjoy watching our team progress in their professional careers and receive recognition from our clients.

At The Marketing Organization, we provide an inclusive, dynamic, and positive atmosphere that applauds learning and expanding comfort zones. We understand that learning a new skill can be difficult and reward individual and team achievements on a weekly basis. Interested in learning more about The Marketing Organization? Tweet us @TheMarketingOrg or visit our website at

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The Marketing Org
February 2017
Charlotte, North Carolina
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