The Little Coffee Van is a compact and bijou, barista-driven Piaggio Ape (that’s ah-pay to you!); our three-wheeled dynamo of a mobile coffee cart can be hired to buzz by (almost) anywhere in the UK to give you an on-the-spot, full-flavoured, speciality coffee experience. Hire us and we’ll dispense gorgeous coffee and be on our barista-driven way, making sure we leave happy customers and clients in our wake, because wherever we go…we cause a stir!
Big facts about The Little Coffee Van
It’s not just about being mobile, we’re agile! …we’ll come to you
- indoors or outdoors …we’ll make your coffee to go
...we’ll do it ethically, organically, Fair-trade and environmentally …we’ll do it at your festival, your fair, your party, your summer ball , your music event or concert, your wedding, your film shoot (serving your crew or background featured), your corporate event, your catering event, your recruitment activity, your marketing & promotional activity, your product launch, your exhibition stand, your store opening, your fashion show, and even in your kitchen (at home or at your office). Wherever we do it, we’ll do it brilliantly.

We dress to impress, so hire us and make the most of our mobile cart’s visibility and create a little visibility of your own. To find out how to brand us, accessorise us and colour us in, from the van to our clothes, cups and even biscuits, click here. We partner the Bespoke Biscuit Company, offering corporate branded iced biscuits. To see The Little Coffee Van in action, go to our gallery.

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January 2013
The little coffee van