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Douglas Campbell (1912-2007) was an amateur photographer and observer of life, deeply interested in history, concerned for the natural world, and proud of his Scottish roots. A tireless traveller, he visited more than 20 countries. The majority of Douglas' early photographs were taken in Britain; most of his later ones were shot in the USA, where he visited almost every property of the National Park Service within the contiguous 48 states.

Proud to wear the kilt: Douglas Campbell (1959) by The Douglas Campbell Show

Douglas was impressed by the new possibilities for communication, especially by the World Wide Web, and we believe he would have welcomed the opportunity to interact with a larger audience. In this spirit, we have digitized his collection of 35mm slides (35,000 spanning a period of 50 years). This "Show" is the family's tribute to his ability, energy and enthusiasm.

All of Douglas's work is publicly available, with the exception of photos of a personal/family nature, and those which are flawed in some way. Images are presented here "as delivered" by the scanning service, in medium format. As time permits, some adjustment of exposure will be attempted. Unfortunately, not all slides have stood the test of time equally: we hope that their historical interest will be sufficient compensation.

Subject matter, date and place data are based on Douglas' annotation, handwritten on the original mounts; most notes and comments are ours. To improve the usefulness of this collection, we have transcribed all legible text in the original images (for example, signs). We also invite your corrections and additions. If a photo catches your eye, please mark it as Favourite. So, please sit back and enjoy the show!

North America road trips (1967-2002) by The Douglas Campbell Show

P.S. Further information about Douglas Campbell and the Digitization Project is available on the website listed at the right.

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