I take pictures.
Photographic pictures.

I like old buildings' wall writing, the occasional tombstone, the female form in its many forms, utilitarian mushroom kitch, Christmas clutter, and laughing at the world around me. I also laugh at people who leave their Christmas lights up year 'round, rediculous online fraud schemes (and most of them are), and general absurdity in the world. If you enjoy any of the above, you may like me. I haven't taken very many portraits, it's not a style I've engaged in. I'm a male who remembers the 1980's well; my life-philosophy is Reality Avoidance Therapy, and the best parts of me laugh at mirrors.

I also collect found photographs and lost memories, and have a website for displaying them with amusing captions. For samples see my 'Spackle' set.

Six things you need to know.
• First: It's okay if you don't agree with my worldview, my images, or what's listed on this profile page under Contacts or Groups, but you can keep that disagreement to yourself and move along to another stream. I'm me, I'm unashamed, that's final.
• Next: You're welcome to criticize my photos in any way you see fit, but don't criticize other people who comment on my photos. Those folks have Flickrmail, and if the photo was in a group the group has a Discussion forum, if you have something to say about them. No grandstanding or self-promotion allowed, either; this ain't YouTube.
• Then: There may be adult groups in my list, but there is no nakedidity in my stream. Flickr rated my stream Safe because it is, even if you might not agree by your benchmarks. Again, if this bothers you (as happens with some contacts or groups which expect skin), that's not my crisis.
• Additionally: I may be "straight but not narrow" and get along with everyone of any stripe, but really, I own a twig and berries, I don't care to see yours as the main focus of your stream. Especially if you see fit to put foreign objects into your various orifices. (That goes for women too, by the way.) I've been made a contact by quite a few people who missed the fact that there's nothing in my stream or profile to imply any such interests in raunchy sex or menfolk, and I have no idea how I wound up on that subsection of humanity's good side so consider this fair warning that if that's what you're about you've got the wrong cat.
• Also: Personal criticism will be taken with the following grain of salt... Have we met? How do you know? I don't go flaming you on your stream, and hope you will give me the same respect. Even if we do know each other... not in public, thanks.
• Finally: I have a great sense of humor, and appreciate that quality in others. Simply put, I can't take you seriously if you take yourself too seriously. I decided to add this point because of the number of Flickr members who need to loosen up. It's wild how you can be disliked FOR having grown-up interests displayed and for NOT having grown-up interests displayed, or ignored FOR being all artistic and for NOT being totally artsy. The middle is where it's at, and that's where I live... join me there.

And as a matter of fact, yes, I do spell it "rediculous" just to mess with your head.

And since the cliché questions come up:
- I'm a hobbyist, not a professional. I'm a photographer, not an artist.
- I shoot what I see with few adjustments. Standard edits are made with IrfanView.
- I won't add this photo to your juried competition or "award" group. Comments with image pasties associated with groups will be shot on sight in most cases because those are stupid... I am fully aware where I posted my pics, and a simple "you should add this to ___ group" invite will suffice.
- If I know you in real life, or I like what you say or photograph, I will probably make you a contact -- if I don't know anything about you or don't particularly want to it's not going to happen, and skin in your stream will not convince me 99% of the time.
- I'm flattered by the 5 or so porn-lovin' people a week who add me as a contact but see the previous sentence and bullet point #3 of 6 above; you're not getting added and I don't have what you're really looking for.
- I've opted out of allowing my pics to be in Galleries. Not that I don't want to share, but within 24 hours of the feature's appearance I had three pictures put into galleries -- one made sense, one was a duplicate of a group's offerings so pointless, and one was obviously for commercial purposes promoting their business. Apologies if you wanted to add my pictures, I am flattered though. Galleries is a fad. Similar can be said about tagging people in images... I've disallowed that, too; it's worked sooo well on Facebook so of course it had to come to Flickr. Again, thanks but I purposely make it tough to find me.
- My political leanings are moderately to the left, which isn't a major theme to my stream and I have no objection to thought-out discusions with factual basis, but I reserve the right to block you if your stream or your words are outstandingly far-right because we're just not going to be able to play nicely.
- I do answer all my F-mail promptly, I practically live here. Or used to before they screwed the layout up so bad, at which time I took my business elsewhere and now I just pop my head in daily because all the cool kids are here.

Say something cryptic, then leave snickering.

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    Catheryne's Eyes says:

    "Very few people in this world truly merit the term "interesting". This guy does. His photos say and show what most of us don't bother to see. I enjoy checking his stream and seeing what's on his mind daily. Some of his pics make me laugh, some make me think and others bring memories-good and bad, but all of them illicit a reaction.
    Gracias Championes! (thanks Mushroom)"

    November 16th, 2008

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    elpintobeans says:

    "His photography and whit is quite interesting. You can say that he captures them at the right place and right time. I really enjoy looking and hearing the sounds of his photostream. You know what they say it's always better on the other side. Now I'm just waiting to see some really good pictures of hydroponic mushrooms!!! I know you got them =)"

    October 12th, 2008

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    i didn't mean to go to Stoke says:

    Mushy is one of the best finds i have made this year, sheer laugh out loud comedy with a twisted evil genius in finding delicious found objects, staggering street photography and the most idiosyncratic sights imaginable, he is a good friend, constantly witty, insightful and spends more time on a pc then is good for him"

    November 19th, 2007

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    Jeffry B says:

    "Mushy is a guy I've known for about 4 years now, and he never ceases to amaze me!
    He’s a guy who is far older in years than he is in attitude!
    He has an eye for all things odd and eccentric, among other things! *wink*
    Say "Christmas Baubles" and you'll have his undivided attention. (“boobies” works too.)

    You won’t find another man quite like him.

    He is truly a “Fungi”!

    August 21st, 2007

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