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About WHIZ: Army Retired

WHIZ's SUMMARY OF SKILLS - Collects and organizes data and conducts analyses (ATRRS), MSWord, Excel, Access, Fox, Enable, ...). Prepares and submits reports. Utilizes knowledge of PC-based software (spreadsheets, database, wordprocess). Provides technical assistance to staff. Monitor and analyze databases as Project Manager. Provide training and/or computer support. Supervise support staff. Designs, plans and conducts, from concept to completion, projects with significant impact on the unit (Training, Mob, Movement, Safety, Security). Assists with or conducts initial interviews of soldiers to provide training assistance, determine eligibility for training programs. Administer and score basic educational tests. Performs administrative and/or clerical support for an office, unit or program area. Acts as lead worker or supervise other professionals. Utilize telecommunication devices, access Internet in performing or conducting analysis, maintaining, updating databases, conducting briefings and budget analysis. Plan/conduct Company Training. Plan mobilization, funding, operations and deployment for USAR units, (Tng NCO); Supervises duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, accountability, and preservation of individual, organizational, installation, and expendable supplies and equipment utilizing Unit Level Logistics Computer (ULC). Analyzes statistical data and reports to ascertain trends, conformance to standard and directives, and efficiency of operations. Coordinates logistical activities with other staff elements supply and service, and motor transport units. Conducts assistance visits to subordinate elements, (92Y40); Read/write schematics, block diagrams and blueprints for electrical and hydraulics. Supervise duties involving repair diesel, gas and Turbine engines and transmissions and environmental protection systems (M1A1, Abrams), Request, receipt, store, issue, accountability, and preservation of repair parts and tools (92Y20). Perform arc and acetylene welding on a variety of metals, (63H40); Request, receipt, store, issue, accountability, complete Combat Operational Budget (COB) (92Y40), and preservation of unit Library (Unit Librarian); Supervise, rate, council, train, accountable/responsible for 20 - 35 soldiers welfare and over 12 million dollars of equipment. Advise officers of status, plans, and state of the platoon readiness, (Platoon Sergeant); Use hydraulic and mechanical benders. Renovate and or Install Commercial Electric using a wide variety of hand and power tools (Electrician). Perform Studding, finish and install drywall using a variety of hand and powers tools (Carpenter). AND OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY COMMANDER!

WHIZ's BRIEF EDUCATION (other schools listed as specialized training):,
12th Grade, West High School, 13th and High Street, Bremerton, Washington
English, Electronics

NOT a Porn Site: For Educational purposes "ONLY";. Understand more about what women go through, the examinations, some of their open feelings. Site is ran, edited by female professional Doctors, from BA to Masters degrees. They welcome men to join as well. Only three men have attended and graduated to date.

WHIZ's BRIEF SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Common Basic Electronics, 1974; Tact Microwave/Systems Repairer (29W4O), 1974; Track Vehicle Repairer (63H40), 1980; OSHA Construction Safety, 1977; Commercial Electrician, 1981; Basic Non-Commissioned Officer, 1983; Mechanical Maintenance Operations, 1985; Supply Coordinator/SGT (92Y4O), 1988; Maintenance Reporting Management (DAS3), 1986; Computer Based Training (M1), 1987; 2nd US Army Safety Management, 1989; Maintenance Training, 1988; Training Operations, 1989; Advanced Senior Leadership Training (ANCOC), 1990; Logistics (ASI - K), 1995; Mobilization Planner, 1994.

WHIZ's BRIEF LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Military Equipment experience (DD Form 348): Welders Ox/AC (200-225), Steam Cleaners, M88A1/A2 Tank Recovery Vehicle (Track Equip Carriers, Howitzers), HMMWV M998 (5/4T), M1Abrams (90T), M60 Tank, Utility Vehicles (M1008 4x4 3/4, M1009 4x4 5/4T), Jeep M151 A1/A2 4x4(1/2T), M880/M890 4x4(5/4T), Truck Cargo Van 4x4(5/4T), Truck Cargo M35 A1/A2 6x6(2 1/2T), Truck Tractor M275 (2 1/2T), Truck Van Expandable M934 6x6(5T), Truck Tractor w/trailer M52A2 6x6(5T), Truck Tractor w/Trailer M816 (5T), Truck Tractor M818 w/trailer 6x6(5T), Truck Dump M817 6x6(5T), Truck Dump M34A2 6x6(2 1/2T), Truck Tractor M911 (22 1/2T) w/747 trailer (98TGVW), Tractor Warehouse w/trailers (4000lbs), Forklift Gas/Elec (4T), Forklift w/crab (6T),Forklift M10A (5T), Forklift RTCH (50T), Compressor (5-15 CFM), Generator Set Gas/Diesel (1.5-15KW), Lubrication Unit (all), little experience with 120Ton Crane, Bulldozer w/Ripper.

WHIZ's BRIEF MILITARY AWARDS: National Defense Svc Medal (w/Bronze Star), 1977; Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal, 1981; Drivers Mechanics Badge, 1986; Armed Forces Reserve Medal, 1987; Army Achievement Medal (5th), 1994; NCO Development (3), 1990; Army Commendation Medal, 1988; Meritorious Service Medal. 1995; Humanitarian Service Ribbon, 1995; Good Conduct Medal (6th),1999;

WHIZ's OTHER BRIEF INFORMATION: Specific Training on DSETS, X 1100-3B Transmission, AGT 1500 Turbine Engine for the M1/M1A1 Abrams Tank; Tank Turret Repairman (45K20), 1983 - 1985; Motor Sergeant (63B4O), 1985 - 1991; Recovery Sergeant (63F20), 1982 - 1983; Technical Inspector (63H4O), 1982 - 1988; Additional duties: Parts/Tools Clerk (76C20), 1982 - 1988; Unit Librarian/Publications NCO, 1982 - 1988; Unit Historian, 1982 - 1991; EEO, 1982 - 1991; Physical Security NCO, 1982 - 1991; Facility Manager, 1982 - 1995, 1997 - 1999; Unit Training Support Officer (TSO), 1982 - 1999; Mobilization NCO, 1982 - 1999; Movement NCO, 1982 -1999; Safety NCO, 1982 - 1999; Technical Supply Sergeant, 1984 - 1988 (92Y4O); Mail Clerk, 1988 - 1997; Classified Documents Custodian, 1988 - 1991; COMSEC Custodian, 1989 -1995; Training/Operations NCO, 1989 -1999; Army Training Readiness Reporting System (ATRRS) Administrator, 1989 - 1999; Family Support Coordinator, 1989 -1995; Security NCO, 1989 - 1999; Battalion Safety NCO, 1991 -1995; Automated Data Process Manager, 1989 - 1999; Charter Member Westminster Maryland Optimist Club; Knowledgeable Computer Systems: Unit Level Logistic Computer System-General (ULLS-G), Unit Logistic Computer System (ULC), Army Training Readiness Report System (ATRRS), DAS3, Battle Focus Training Management System (BFTMS), Standard Army Training System (SATS), Interactive Educational Data System (IEDS), SARRS, Maintenance Readiness Management (MRM), Department of the Army Readiness Management System DARMS), Personnel Army Readiness Management System (PARMS), SAMS 1-2, SORTS, STE ICE-R, FOCUS, CLAS/RCLAS; Adobe Acrobat, Micro Soft Excel/PowerPoint/Word/Spreadsheet/Advantage, ACCESS, FOX, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Windows 3.11/95/98/NT - XP, Harvard Graphics, ENABLE Ver 3-5, Lotus Ver 3, LapLink/LapPro, WinFax, Delrina Formflow, Quicklink III, QUERTY, WYSIWYG, HTML, etc... (oh and toys like mac/tandy systems)

WHIZ's BRIEF OCCUPATION: Entrepenuer, Talent Scout, Actor/Model, OFFICIAL WHIZ, LOGISTICIAN, STATISTICIAN, Master Electrician, Electronics, Computer Repair, WebMASTER, Plumber, Carpenter,

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