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Worked my way through graduate school, leaving me with no time for a social life, earning a dean's list average despite the long hours - and having done so and then gone out to seek work, discovered the truth of the old adage - it's not what you know, it's who you know. I knew nobody, and have been trapped below the poverty line ever since.

Getting by on a tight budget is a lifelong challenge and learning experience. This blog, in part, will be about going through that experience, and managing to do so with a little style, enjoying a few simple, inexpensive pleasures along the way.


I have a blog-like homegroup, where you'll be able to find what I consider to be some of my more successful efforts along with a few items that are merely useful, and a discussion of these. I'll be playing around with images that might appear on my Chicago Journal. I also have a bookmarking journal, on which I talk about some of the work I've liked on Flickr (and what I've learned from it), as well as a moderation journal, on which I might explain some of the decisions I've made as a moderator, should I ever have to make any. I can sometimes be found on Upcoming, where I post under the pen name "Oliver Twist".

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