Metalsmith working in both precious and non-precious materials to make jewellery and related objects. My work uses a lot of what other people consider to be rubbish, combining it with precious metals and stones.

Note to other Flickr users: I make most of my photographs available to the general public and think that if you want to join in on the Flickr community, you should do the same. If you 'favourite' a load of my photographs but do not have the courtesy to allow me to see yours, I will block you.

I will also block people who put my photographs into favourites, sets or collections which I do not think appropriate or which contain images I would not want my family and friends to see.

I realise that sounds very sniffy, but this is a photo-sharing website and that cuts both ways.

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    Blind Spot Jewellery says:

    "Dauvit is an innovative, talented artist with a unique language. His work is not only eastheticly delicious but techniquely amazing. And he is always open to share his experiance with others. I feel lucky to know him in person!"

    June 17th, 2009

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    theG™ says:

    "What can one say? Metalsmith, savant, aesthete, humourist. Visual curator of the those quotidian dislocations that surround us all.

    First comes the jewellery, quite amazing pieces of the most incredible originality. Inspired by such disparate ideas, thoughts and characters that one learns simply by looking. Wonderful songs wrought of metal, gems, found objects and curios. Three dimensional fine art.

    The photography is every bit as enticing as the jewellery. When wielding the camera, The Justified Sinner produces pictures that are every bit as wonderful, quixotic, and sublime as the beautiful pieces he creates.

    A roam around these images, be it the jewellery or the photographs, is always a great pleasure.

    Dauvit is a gifted creator of the truly original. An artist.


    May 6th, 2009

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    glen.h says:

    "Justified sinner has all the best pics of bad food. And is a rather natty dresser to boot!"

    November 30th, 2008

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