Official 4th Infantry Division flickr page. This page is run by the Division Public Affairs Office to provide official Soldier produced products to wide audience.


This a Department of Defense flickr page. The security accreditation level of this site is Unclassified For Official Use Only (UFOUO) and below. Do not process, store, or transmit any information classified above the accreditation level.


Welcome to the 4ID flickr page. Before you get started watching the videos and looking at the photos of your Soldiers, be sure you understand and abide by the following rules:


* Feel free to comment on 4ID posts, but do not use profanity, obscenity or lewd language and images in any of your posts or comments.


* The 4ID flickr page is public. Keep operational security in mind when you post any information or image. Do not post any information about unit or personnel movement, status or future assignments.


* We welcome friends to the page.

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Photos of The 4th Infantry Division


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