HI ALL How You doin?,,
Hopefully Ur Fine & Surviving && in a Go0d Mood To read My Profile LOL!!

SO let me start with some details about Me:

My Name: Tђβℓ-ωŕdэϊPhotobucket
Age: 18 years old
Country: UAE
Occupation: Student First year college
Hobbies: My hobbies are actually doing nothingPhotobucket well I sit facing the computer screen all day!! I like taking photos between now and than just for the hell of it(A) or mostly to express some feelings. Wishing to get better so0n!!
My ambitions: No clue till NOW:S

My characteristics as defined by some of my friends:
sweet , kind , strict when it comes to morals, helpful, and sometimes pain =P bs a7la pain trust me (A)
Others say that Im 3aneeda(stubborn)sometimes& ,but on the other hand Loyal,&always there when they need me, helpful, friendly, honest.
edshin el8lb bsr3a and so lovely ... know how 2 deal with different situation.. love life .. =p
&& That i dont express my feelings more often.

Well thats for Now I will be writing more stuff later...

Be Free To explore My Photos


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    Linelin says:

    "Hello friend, as this added to my contacts ;D"

    February 14th, 2008

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    حلفت غيرك ماتمنيت says:

    "One of The Best
    Emaraati girls I had ever met !

    ummmmm ...
    Sorry havent been too
    much friendly 2 u thiis Days =S
    I dont Really Know Wat
    had gotten To me ..
    but i regret The last Days
    For not talking with you for no reason =(
    I am Really Sorry ..

    ummm and now let me
    say wat i think about Her
    Sweet ..!!
    She listens 2 u
    Shes Soo Helpful
    Shes alwayz there 4 u

    Shes So over her head
    sometimes Lol I mean Crazy =P

    And yeah Lsanha 6weel Sometimes =P =P

    Shes simply the type of
    person u wanna be friends With
    I 'm telling u guys Shes The Best!!

    You Gooo Giiirl!!

    Wiiiiiishing u all the best
    ur Siis Lulu, =$"

    January 22nd, 2008

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    » вαявιε вDwyeh™ «*back* says:

    "NiCe pix tweetyaa=D

    mashalla your pix are 6aaar=Pp

    keep it up =D

    i really loved ur pix=D w b3d shoo =Pp

    9a7 u dont kno me w i dont kno yew bs 7abait a3aber 3n el luv maly abt ur pix=Pp i really did =D

    hope to see more of ur pix >.<


    December 16th, 2007

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    ღ!¦[•MiSs_WhaTeVeR•]¦!ღ│зк│ says:

    aNa Ma3arFCH 3aDeL
    BuT eLy a3arFeH ur So SweeT
    w Ur PcZ 6r
    Keep iT uP"

    November 17th, 2007

October 2006
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