Hi , Привет :) Welcome to exemplary photostream!

All my photos have description, location, EXIF info, geotag, tags, plant photos are botanically identified. All my photos are sorted in sets (albums) and collections. And I do not use flickr as my photos archive - means I do not dump poor or duplicated photos here.

75% of my photos are generously available for downloads and commercial use (follow CC), and can be found in many web-pages, books, Wikipedia, etc.
Thank you for stopping at my profile and for your comments on my photos.
I really appreciate if you tell me where you use my photo and simply favourite it before you download it. Thank you.

Enjoy - in the same way I enjoy your photos from around the World.
However ....
I had to remove my real name because I do not like how it is shown now in the New Flickr photo page.
My name: Tatiana Gerus, from Australia,
Татьяна Герус

As with all of Flickr changes over the last couple of years (2013-2014-2015), I'm spending more time on the site and accomplishing less. We had a great Flickr that was almost ruined by ignorance and incompetence.
However I am still here, because I put so much here, and I have great flickr friends (yes, friend, or contact, please do not call me 'follower', flickr! )
June 2014 is an immense step in the right direction, so I believe in Flickr, - the place where I learn and share.
Trees are my main photographic subject and interest here, and I administrate group:
with unique online Database of flowering trees of the world.
Please bear with my invitations of your trees photos and for tagging it, as it makes the Database work.

See also Flickr Gallery, - just 18 of my [photos
I like visiting your photostream and leave comments (without obligation!), as it is always inspiration and discovery for me.
If you are my contact - I follow your work, and it takes time. Therefore I do not have too many contacts.
(Reminder: there's a life outside Flickr too.)
Mosaic of my most interesting (according to Flickr) photos
Mosaic - my Flickr photostream
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See my photos on global map: MyPicsMap

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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January 2007
Sakhalin island - Russia, Far East, Южно-Сахалинск
Brisbane, Australia
I am: