Photography is a gateway for me to learn about the world, and to share.

I have been doing photography since I was a teenager. It was time when photography process was different, and I had to do everything by myself - making solutions, developing the film, printing the photos in a dark room,... do you know what I am talking about? ;-)
I remember time when I had been giving away a lot of b/w photos to my friends... Now I am giving my photos to the whole word - thanks to digital era!

Enjoy - in the same way I enjoy your photos from around the Word.

Tatiana Gerus from Australia
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As trees are my passion, I administrate group:
FIELD GUIDE : FLOWERING TREES of the WORLD with unique online Database of flowering trees of the world.


Please bear with my invitations of your trees photos and for tagging it, as it makes the Database work.

I like visiting your photostream and leave comments (without obligation!), as it is always inspiration and discovery for me.
If you are my contact - I follow your work, and it takes time. Therefore I do not have too many contacts.
(Reminder: there's a life outside Flickr too.)

Thank you for stopping at my profile and for your comments on my photos.

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  • Mothers Day in Australia (in orange:) by Tatters:(
  • On the top of Australia - Kosciuszko summit - 2228m. by Tatters:(
  • Angelica ursina by Lora Black
  • Petasites amplus by Lora Black
  • *** by Tatters:(
  • Giant Tree by Tatters:(
  • It's me, at home by Tatters:(
  • Mt. Hotham summit (1860m) by Tatters:(
  • Two days skiing... Self portrait.  Before & After. Australia. VIC Aug2006 by Tatters:(
  • Self-portrait at Mt. Hotham by Tatters:(

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January 2007
Sakhalin island - Russia, Far East, Южно-Сахалинск
Brisbane, Australia
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