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Proud Native Texan, German, Hungarian, Native American decent. Carpenter by trade, and Artist by nature.

I’ve been a carpenter for more than 22 years and artist all my life. I first entered the construction industry when I was 18 years of age. Art was always somewhat apart of my life, but never really thought it would get me anywhere. It was something I inherited from my father, and he pretty much discouraged me from being an artist. Since he worked full time doing his art for a major company, there were dead lines and demanding work flows. He hated art because he was exploited for his talent’s and often sounded out about it.

So with that in mind, I turned to the construction field and didn’t follow my father’s footstep’s, at least not at that time in life. Prior to working in the carpentry industry, I worked a short period at a photo lab, processing film and printing proofs for a small photographic processing company in Everett WA. There, I seen the touch up artist using an airbrush to touch up photo’s. I thought this would be a cool job and wondered how I could get a job like that. I also thought that the photographer’s job was a very attractive position as well.

From this point in life, photography and airbrushing perked my curiosity and I finally had an idea of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and more importantly, figure a way to make it an enjoyable endeavor and not a loathing job as my father once warned me about.

My success in life is weighed upon the many decisions on what direction to take, since I’ve been possessed with many talent’s, I have a difficult time deciding on what I want to do in life and feel in the mean time, time is a wasting. Now that I’m older and somewhat have 95% control over my faculties, I now have a clear view of my future. This is a beginning collection of my enjoyable efforts in the artistic and photographic realm. Enjoy the photos.

Scott Sheaner

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    Sam akhtar says:

    "I am so happy to have Scott Sheaner as a friend at flickr. A photographer with a beating heart and a wonderful soul....which gets reflected in his shots. His work is extra-ordinary, and they are a perfect example of technique and art getting fused in one!

    A very helpful person, who believe in sharing his knowledge with every one. I am very grateful to Scott for sharing his knowledge of IR photography !

    I am in love with your photography my dear friend !!"

    July 10th, 2007

Scott Sheaner
December 2006
Dallas, TX
Lynden, United States
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