Photography was alwas a passion to me, since i was a child, I remember my father taking pictures with his old Olympus Trip 35, then i remember him lending me his Pentax (SLR).


Then i forgot about it untill 3 years ago when i started to feel very frustrated with the kind of photos i was able to take with my Canon SD400, i started a photography crash course and it hit me, like an obsession, i bought my first DSLR, a Canon XTi with a 50mm f1.8 lens and all started to grow from there.


Enough of the hardware, as Ken Rockwell says: Your camera does not matter, is your passion, your eye, and the way you see the world when you take a picture, thats what matters.


Im always researching new ways of improving my photos, learning new techniques, trying new things, reading, and going out and enjoying this beautiful world that surround me, trying to find the decisive moment of my shot....


Im a network admin, i love to read about gadgets and technology, but photography is my hobby, my obsession, a way of catharsis, and a way of bringing balance to my life.


Flickr is a great place for all of this, i really enjoy browsing it everyday seeing so many beautiful photos from all over the world, being virtually surrounded by people that feel the same about this drug that is photography for me.


So, i invite you to see my photos, leave a comment, a suggestion (always welcome), tips, advice, or just a hi, ill be gratefull.


I live in the middle of Latin America, in a small country called Paraguay.


Thanks for stopping by.


(you can leave me comments in spanish, english or portuguese)



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