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Doll designer,
registered nurse,
AND a Renaissance woman in progress...

(There is SO much to learn out there...!)

These days you can find me amidst the Fashion Dolls, styling; designing tiny couture & photographing them to look fashionable, fierce &; fabulous.

in game of thrones you win...or you die...

Cersei, Queen of Westeros

clothed in glamour


shy senorita amanda


Renesmee Cullen with Jacob

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    frenchyphil says:

    "simplement, elle est charmant."

    December 3rd, 2008

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    Katherine Gruender "Kat" says:

    "Terrie is an amazing artist. She takes an every day item and turns into something you want to hang on your wall. She has an eye for beauty and detail. Her work will make you want to return and leave you anxious for the next shot. A wonderful flickr friend always encouraging and making you want to strive for perfection. I count myself very lucky to have found her work and to be a friend on flickr."

    August 11th, 2008

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    Connie Arida says:

    "Talking of "Art" is not my forte. All I can say is I love your still life's. The composition and colour are a product of what you see, uncontaminated by the "trickery" often seen when photographers discover photoshop. Bravo"

    August 5th, 2008

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    jacoreflex says:

    "Depuis quelque temps j ai rencontre Marie Therese sur flrck et je suis epoustoufle par son travail photographique de toute grande qualite.
    Des portraits des superbes photos de Paris a la composition soignees;
    Ses images sont un regal pour les yeux du travail de Pro
    pour moi c est une des plus grandes de flirck et de plus une amie adorable

    For some time I have met on flrck Marie Therese and I epoustoufle by his photographic work of any great quality.
    Portraits of beautiful photos of Paris has treated the composition;
    His pictures are a regal for the eyes of Labour Pro
    To me is one of the largest and most flirck a friend adorable

    Bruxelles mars 2008"

    March 22nd, 2008

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    Asdak Photography says:

    "When one thinks of photography and art, many aspects of that art form come to mind, quality, composition, images that stand out and amaze and inspire the viewer. Metrogirl/Therese-Marie is a photographer who encapsulates all of these aspects and more.

    Her images of Paris are indeed some of the very best, this can be said in the same breath about all of her images. As a contact she is generous, responsive and always positive. I would highly recommend anyone view her photostream and be in awe of what you see.
    Best wishes Therese-Marie and continued success for the future."

    March 9th, 2008

  • view profile says:

    "Thérèse-Marie, a woman with a little touch of reinassence in her skin and with an extraordinary feeling for everything she can catch up with her camera.

    Her photos are ever sweet cream for everybody.
    Congratulations by your talent and art,

    February 26th, 2008

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    great-circle says:

    "She is one of the most outstanding photographers Flickr ever had aquired, her photos are just not snaps, but they are blogs, beauty, perfection, and LIFE et all.I have not got the priveldge to know her personally, but seeing her work makes you understand the dedication and perfection that has been inside her forever, people born with such talent are rare and beautiful people born with it is even more rare.who says beauty has no brains? She is an example. Wish her all the best, God give us more like her, please.."

    February 6th, 2008

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    addadada says:

    "The incredibly heart-warming and stunning PARIS photos by metrogirl will make you want to explore the beautiful city all over again! The jaw-dropping shots of her beloved PYRAMID at the LOUVRE belong in the LOUVRE! Metrogirl has an incredible eye for beauty and her warmth comes through in her photos! Treat yourself to a visual visit in PARIS through metrogirl's flickr photos!"

    February 1st, 2008

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    Art Hill says:

    "I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to writing this testimonial before now. I have been enjoying Thérèse-Marie 's photos for quite some time now. As others have said she does a remarkable job of showing us Paris. But she does so much more than that. She provides us with such fresh, creative looks at a wide variety of subjects. Flowers, food, people, snow, sunsets - the list in endless. Most amazing is her skill at seeing a new way to present something that we have seen before. Her photostream is one of the most fascinating you will run across here. Plus she is just a genuinely nice person - always a kind word."

    January 16th, 2008

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    Anima Fotografie says:

    "The Lebanese writer & mystic Kahlil Gibran once said - "Beauty is not in the face - beauty is a light in the heart".

    He could have been talking about Thérèse-Marie.

    It's easy to see from her inigmatic flickr icon of great Beauty glimpsed, that she herself is beautiful. But as Gibran alludes, & her images & words reveal, her beauty starts from deep within & carries on to that skin deep surface...

    If you are already familar with her wise words & sublime images you will no doubt be now nodding in agreement. If you are also familar with her great love for, & devotion to, La Pyramide, a French National Treasure, you will I'm sure also echo this sentiment - Metrogirl, YOU are also a French National Treasure! I just want to know when the Authorities "dans la Musée du Louvre" realise it too, & give you some recognition "aussi"!

    Angels - possibly how we met here. I went through an "Angel Phase" some time back with my camera, & discovered comments full of empathy & feeling left under numerous of my Angelic studies. I think this is how we first met here actually. In turn, I was captivated & moved by many of Thérèse-Marie's sublime Angel images. So angels brought us together here!

    I feel priviliged to count you as a friend here Thérèse-Marie, & look forward to following your visions & passions via your camera lens in the future. Next time I am in Paris, in the Métro, or at La Pyramide, I'll look out for a beautiful woman with a shock of blonde hair, with camera in hand.....bon chance toujours Métrogirl!"

    October 26th, 2007

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    **Christine** says:

    "Terrie is a person of a big kindness the stream of which is a real invitation in the journey. I am happy to have met her on Flickr. She brings the peace, the serenity and the beauty through her photos and possesses a big artistic talent.
    The angels are also important in her life as they are in mine.

    Thanks to you Terrie to be so present and to have this bond of friendship.

    Your friend

    May 22nd, 2007

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    O Caritas says:

    "En tant que quelqu'un qui est tombé aussi amoureux de Paris, je peux dire tandis que Thérèse-Marie crée régulièrement des belles photographies de la ville tout le monde peut voir, elle rend aussi si merveilleusement le battement de son coeur.

    As somebody who also has fallen in love with Paris, I can say that while Thérèse-Marie regularly creates beautiful photographs of the city everyone can see, she also so marvelously renders the beat of its heart."

    March 16th, 2007

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    jessally says:

    "On my first days in the flickr-world, I met at first some extraordinary beautiful angels..awesome shots, expressions of a deep connection between the angels and the photographer, a deep passion. You can see an angel shot of Thérèse and think: thats the really best, most beautiful light, angle and perspective for that angel - and then, after a few days, Thérèse presents a new photo of the same and it's amazing: so much beauty even in this shot!
    Thérèse is an angel by herself, because she always has her loving eye on her photo-subject, the world around her and the photos of other members, like me. And most of all: I can always feel my own wings growing, when I look at her photos.
    Terrie, thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us.
    Your sense for beauty, atmosphere and stories in the things, others pass by without recognizing, how special they are, is really a present!"

    March 15th, 2007

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    claudio malatesta says:

    "I have known Terrie for quite a while, first through Flickr, then personnally when she stayed in Paris; as a friend, she is one of the most delicate, sensitive and beautiful persons I ever met; too many qualities to report here actually.
    This testimonial is brought to emphasize the interest I find (as many others, obviously) watching her photostream as time passes. Of course you'll immediately notice her architect's eye; but from mere photographing her surrroundings, Terrie has reached another level of study, a new approach to visual perception.
    Her new sets show a widening range of new interests, of invention in theme constructions, of sensation mixtures... To me, her visual art forms are an essence of feminity, and in these past months I could observe her blooming! Way to go, dear friend!"

    December 16th, 2006

November 2005
Paris, France
I am:
Renaissance woman