In 2009, Joe was working in construction when the economy started going downhill and people began delaying new construction projects. He started looking at the pile of wood in the backyard that he had saved from years of work (he could never bear to send wood to a landfill).

One day he started picking through the wood and built this dining table. we decided to list it on craigslist and try to sell it. Within minutes of listing it, we had more than 50 responses of people who wanted the table. Terra Amico was born!

Since that time, Terra Amico has artfully handcrafted custom furnishings for hundreds of clients. We have recently expanded our work to local businesses.

Terra Amico means “earth-Friend” in Italian. It is our goal to do our work while treating the earth with the respect and dignity it deserves.

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Terra Amico Salvaged Wood Furnishings
August 2012