Tej Kohli founded the Tej Kohli Foundation in 2005 and in the many years since it has made direct interventions into the lives of many thousands of individual and their families. This Flickr stream is an attempt to capture a small selection of these life changing moments and the joy and happiness that has been brought to the world because of these interventions.


During a career as a philanthropist that started in 2005, Tej Kohli has supported disabled children, set up canteens for underprivileged families in Costa Rica, and funded thousands of corneal transplants in poor and underserved rural communities. He has worked to highlight the plight of Indian children living with rare genetic disease XP and has funded the provision of disabled youngsters in the United Kingdom with 3D-printed bionic arms.


Tej Kohl is a technologist who believes passionately in the promise of technology to improve human life. He is committed to using technology to develop new solutions to major global health challenges. His ultimate vision for the Tej Kohli Foundation is to become a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation that can create new solutions that improve human life.


Of course, the Tej Kohli Foundation would not succeed in any of its efforts were it not for the dedication of the researchers, technicians, clinicians, doctors and scientists who strive every single day to make the world a better place. This Flickr stream is also a capture of their dedication and the impact that they are able to have on the world.

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