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Update May 2013:

If your now just joining me on my journey into the realm of photography, Its been 8 longs years with a few camera upgrades and well over 100,000 shutter clicks later and I"m still taking picture. I still love taking pictures now more than ever. Every now and again I like to go back far back into my photostream and see where I was then and how I progress to where I am today. What I learned is that despite what camera I had at the time, despite what technology was around, wither it was my first point & shoot to my DSLR, even my cellphone camera which I use more than most cause it always in my hand. Its not the camera what makes a good picture. Its the person behind it. What else I come to realize that whats more important to me is that I'm always learning and growing my talent and knowledge in this wonderful art simple by just taking more and more photographs. So my advise is just take as many pictures as you can and then some. Lets see what the next 8 years bring.

Way back when:

Okay, ever since I stumbled upon DDOI, (how I can't remember), I've been back there everyday since. Some of the photos there make me cry and laugh. Others I don’t' even like, Its that versatility of this art that keeps me coming back, Its through Sam Javanrouh's work and thousands of other random people here on flickr. I've decided to take up photography as a hobby,

Till now I've only had a point and shoot camera. And this past year I've been camera less, since I sold my camera to someone who need it more than I did at that time in my life, Now the proverbial itch of getting a new one has become a daily reminder of what I want to do in my spare time So finally after a year of drooling over two particular camera’s I’m gong to get my very first digital slr.

So hopefully in the many years to come, I will build from the ground up, learning as I go. Taking in stride the many mistakes (or should I say learning experience), it will become an extension of my being, A way off relaying my thoughts and emotion, making it cathartic adventure. Who knows, someday someone maybe inspired by what I do.

I'm a cat lover. HE HE ✿

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