I am a Slovakian, Swiss German, Irish and Italian Art Maker.

I like to create specialized environments for things to occur. I view my self as a discoverer.

For over forty years I have me making art that's sometimes impossible to grasp because I am working with Spirit and Light and different kinds of Frequencies that are sometimes from the Future - and lately from the NOW with all kinds of gorgeous new energy pouring into here.

My Art making answers my questions to prove my theory that

all whom choose to completely heal and regenerate, will.

There is a certain type of feeling through my work that gets transferred either through

touch or the eyes and brings an awareness of a time line, a sense of time that is nearly

timeless and patient. Patience in the way of waiting no matter how long it takes to let go of
the past and trust about standing naked, non attached to thoughts or things anymore. And

in this standing, this stance, there is still a buoyancy that overcomes the emptiness of

letting go. It is what I call grace. And it does take trust.

My intention for my paintings are that they hold bits of familiar things so that a person really looking at it can maybe let go a little bit of excess baggage and get a bit lighter and secure in the idea that Love simply Is.

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    Darren Daz Cox says:

    "Tobin Eckian is an unpretentious fine artist who makes the world a brighter more fantastical place with art that is immediate and pleasurable to people of all ages yet also deep and satisfying to those who look beyond the surface to define why we enjoy fine art at all.

    Highly recommended."

    February 9th, 2010

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    moopoochikky says:

    "Tobin's art is so unique and interesting. You have to take time to soak it in. It's like fine wine. You don't guzzle fine wine; you take the time to appreciate it. She has a keen eye for art. She can make taking a quick photo into art."

    August 6th, 2008

October 2007
new castle, PA
I am:
Female and Taken
artist, teacher, musician
SingingLand Studios