I am a frenetically busy, happily married, dog-infested mother of one and am an artist, to boot.

Photos of kids and friends' kids are only available to be seen by family and friends. If you are in this category, but still can't see pictures of kidlets, let me know and I'll set things up for you.

VickyTH. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Gone to the Dogs is my personal and professional blog.

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    Rexton says:

    "Vicky's photography focusses on the history, culture and scenery of Newfoundland. She also has a "slight" fondness for dogs and has an amazing ability to catch them at their best (or at least their most "interesting") moments!

    Her images of the culture and religious imagery around her is feeling, strong, dramatic and respectful. Personally I have a great love of religious art and architecture, while not being personally particularly religious. Vicky's work is some of the best I have seen in this area.

    The scenery and landscape images are excellent to exceptional; the lighting and exposure are just so, and she has the ability to compose the images in dramatic and often new ways. Part of this is due to her love of hiking, nature in general, and Newfoundland in particular. I think her photography complements and expands upon her excellent and recognised work as a local artist, and watch her work avidly.

    I also may occasionally plagiarise some of her better ideas, ;-)! Of course, they do say that imitation is the best flattery. Finally, technically she is painstaking and precise, without letting it interfere with nor limit her artistry."

    August 12th, 2006

Vicky TH
February 2005
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