Thomas Jacobson has dedicated his life to art. From a very early age living in the bay area of Northern California he spent his time learning from observation. A rocky childhood led to a series of learning curves and a lot of traveling. These experiences and challenges brought about a method of making. His approach to material is meditative. Self trained and driven by his desire to create with many different materials, his skills are varied and exceptional in many areas. Jacobson is not only a master tattoo artist but also possesses the ability to translate inspirations into oil, acrylic, metal, graphite, stone and clay that exemplify a high level of dedication to his craft. His work is often inspired by Celtic design from a love of intertwined and tangled knots, the criss cross action of the lines repeated infinitely serves as a guide and interconnection between the many aspects of his life. Jacobson’s paintings contain icons of his visual vocabulary including skulls brought to life with realistic eyes, flowers, knots, webs and scrolls.

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