First a short introduction!

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I'm a techie based out of Trivandrum/Blr. I like getting involved in activities that take my mind completely off the work i'm supposed to do, but keep me engrossed enough to like my job :D !


I'm a foodie! One thing i like better than food, is trying to capture the moment as well. Some of these are prepared by me , photographed, and the devoured!

Pomegranates! by tarunactivity

A creation of mine ...

the nightcap by tarunactivity

I am also crazy about airplanes and want to try my hand at airline spotting. Here's a shot of an ATR72 at BIAL.

Jet airways ATR by tarunactivity


My first camera was a 35mm fixed focus toy, that I got free with a KFC happy meal in 1991. (Photo courtesy SqueakyMarmot)

Kentucky Fried ChickenĀ® camera by SqueakyMarmot

I was quite unsuccessful at photography (especially trying to take pictures in a dark auditorium , when the other camera-with-a-build-in-flash went off). Probably an attempt at flash-sync...!


The next major "camera" purchase was a Nokia 3660 camera phone! This was one of my first shots! This is at a department store in Bangalore. I saw the bottles on the shelf and liked the arrangement!

bottles by tarunactivity


My first camera was a Kodak Z612, a 6 MP with 12x zoom . This was used for casual photography, till sometime back. In spite of earning the name 'official photographer' at work, my real interest in photography started after reading up on Digital SLR's .. (I love being able to tweak things!) . Only then did i start switching modes on my camera, and really exploring the features!


This is my current family!

My Nikon family by tarunactivity

Theres my D90, 18-105VR, 70-300VR,50/1.8, SB600 and the MB-D80 grip...

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