My current LOOSE policy is:

- Original size available (No resize)

- Almost always trimming / crop

- ISO 80(G7/G10), Large(5D2: 5616 x 3744, G10: 4416 x 3312 px, G7: 3648 x 2736), Fine/Super Fine (for the highest quality)

- No change color (G7: Canon "Positive film color")

- Sometime retouch (I love stamp tool)

- Full EXIF data available


+ Attribution Creative Commons License ( It means FREE for ALL purposes WITH CREDIT without my permission. A LINK to my Flickr page will be deeply appreciated.)


+ I have changed the license of an album "Mathematica Experiment" from CC to CC0 on 2015/11/20. ( It means FREE for ALL purposes WITHOUT CREDIT without my permission. Credit and a LINK to my Flickr page will be deeply appreciated.)


+Flickrに載せている私の写真は全てCreative Commonsライセンスです。


改変は同じCreative Commonsライセンスが継承される限り自由です。改変した場合はその旨明示してください。





(CC BY)TANAKA Juuyoh / 田中十洋






I love HUGE(above 6MP, full of detail), SHARP(deep DOF, full of detail) and COLORFUL photos.


Please enjoy my photos.


Please note: If you invite me to a group and I don't join, it's probably because it is a group which requires some form of compulsory commenting/favoriting/inviting. While there is no disrespect intended and there is nothing wrong with these groups, I cannot remember those rules and I don't care to be obligated in that way and so avoid them.


My visited countries are:

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands


I am a Japanese and I am living in Japan.

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