So, this is where I am supposed to say something cute and cleaver about myself....right? Well, how about I just try and be honest instead, and let you decide if I am cute & Ok, here we go. I am just a fun loving Florida girly-girl, always in search of new to have fun and make new friends along the way. I'm Kind of shy girl at first, until I get to know you...then watch out, there's no stopping me ;) I am a single Mom to a little girl named Madeline...who I simply adore more then anything. Like I said, I will be honest with you, so on that note I will also tell you that I am a transgendered woman. Yes, I was physically & biologically born a man, but I live as a woman. If you can't deal with that, then please move on because i don't have time for ignorant haters in my life! I am 5'7", I currently have auburn hair, blue eyes, and my measurements are 38-34-37. Well, that’s about all I can think of for now. If there is anything else you wanna know, please just hit me up and ask. ;)

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Tammy Reed
June 2010
Livonia, Michigan
Tampa, Florida, USA
I am:
Female and Single
Nationally Syndicated Transgender & Transsexual Issues Columnist
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