I have gotten into the habit of always having my camera with me since I never know what will inspire me.


I’ve been taking pictures for about eight years now and have recently discovered my passion for low light photography of course I will never give up my love for capturing sunrises and sunsets and almost anything interesting near or on a body of water.

As my skills have improved I’ve started applying HDR treatments to some of my captures not just for the effect but to have my composition more closely reflect the scene! I kicked off the New Year correctly this morning by graduating to the Manual program mode on my Rebel. I was very pleased with Firework show I captured for the most part.

New Years Fireworks 2008 033

A year and a half later I still enjoy capturing fireworks with my camera.

4th of July Fireworks from the Embarcadero Marina Park East - 14

This has been a hectic year and I have been finding hard to get out with my cameras due to work but I'm hopeful I can strike the balance again.

My Flickr Photo Diary

Thanks to all of my friends and fellow group members who faved, commented and awarded my compositions. I’m so thankful to have had the following compositions featured in Flickr Explore:

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Flickr Explore 6/30/2009

1. IB Pier at Dusk, 2. Sunset Over Del Mar, 3. The Bluffs at Point Loma, 4. Chaos at Belmont Park, 5. Imperial Beach Sunset 002, 6. Balboa Park - Alcazar Garden at Night, 7. There Was A Fire In the Sky, 8. Sunset - Chula Vista Bayfront Marina Park,

9. Flying to Virginia, 10. San Diego Skyline at Night 025, 11. Stormy Weather (The Lone Lighting Strike), 12. A Walk Near the Hotel Del Coronado 027, 13. The San Diego Big Bay Fireworks Show - 7/4/08, 14. Rough Surf at Twilight under the IB Pier, 15. Sunset Over the Salt Pools 028, 16. New Years Fireworks 2008 033,

17. The Moorings from Tideland Park, 18. Xmas in the Rose Garden 020, 19. A Night in Downtown San Diego 057, 20. Sunrise during the San Diego Fire Storm 125-AS, 21. Sunset Over the Salt Pools 012, 22. Dusk in Imperial Beach, 23. San Diego Skyline (Cloudy Sunrise) 006, 24. Dusk from Border Field State Park 004

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