Increasing Demand of EMU Farming in India & EMU Farming in Gujarat:
Following article is submitted to share the information that TallBird EMU Farms have started helping farmers to complete the cycle of breeding, rearing and finally sending its meat to the dining table in various parts of the country & oil as medicine to heal various problems in humans all across.

Emu is a large ostrich-like Australian bird and best known for its inability to fly. They are mostly found in forest and woodland areas. The bird has dull tan and mottled black and brown feathers. They have a weight of about one hundred twenty pounds and are capable of running up to 40-50 mph and can also swim. The emu birds are used to produce various different products. Therefore, Emu farming is preferred all over the world today.

Due to the growing popularity of Emu products, Emu farms have become source of income in various countries. The farming in India is becoming a full-time business of raising these birds. The low maintenance cost and capability of surviving in any type of climate of the bird have involved number of Indian farmers in rearing the bird. In India, various banks also provide loans for bird farming. The farmers need to create feasible environment for farming birds.

Emu Breeding:
The female bird lays 30-50 eggs per year between the breeding seasons from September to March. Each bird lays up to 20 rich, dark green eggs and each egg weighs around 550 gram. The birds lay eggs every 3 to 5 days during breeding and egg laying season. The male bird incubates the eggs for eight weeks. He looks after the chicks until the next breeding season. Emu Chicks hatch from the egg in 49 to 52 days. The farmers have to take special care with a careful planning during this period.

Low cholesterol Emu Eggs:
Being the most important among various products in Emu farms, Emu eggs are used for reproduction and also consumes for human health. They have dark-green color. The eggs are highly nutritious as it is rich source protein. A single egg is equivalent to 8-12 chicken eggs. These eggs have high nutritional content, low cholesterol and high in protein as compared to other eggs.

Beneficial Emu Oil for Health and Beauty:
Emu Oil is derived from the fatty tissues and is widely used for helping wounds and burns heal faster. It can also be used in beauty products for skin, hair and nails. This valuable oil is often used in the pain of strains, sprains and muscle soreness. The oil is completely hypo-allergenic and non-irritating for sensitive skin.

Tasty and Healthy Emu Meat:
The immune system of the bird is so strong that it hardly suffers from any disease. It is also one of the reasons of great demand of this bird's meat. Each bird produces nearly 15-20 kg of meat. Emu meat has very less cholesterol, easily digestible and high percentage of iron in it. The exported meat is available in vacuum packaging material to retain its nutritional value.

TallBird Emu Farms specializes in rearing and producing the healthy EMU breeds in Gujarat, India. We are committed to provide the best Emu product and services to our valued clients. We have significant expertise and mastery in EMU Farming. Our quality Emu farming in India deals in buying and selling of Emu eggs, oil, chicks, meat, Emu feathers, Emu skin. If you want to have more information, you can visit

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