I got my first Polaroid camera some five years ago as a price for best costume at a retro-themed Christmas party in our firm (honestly, I totally deserved the win, sporting a killer 70's disco outfit complete wih a gigantic glittering disco ball hanging on my neck). I had no doubt the thing was going to gather dust on my shelf, albeit looking cool while doing it. For some time, this was inddeed the case, though I did take an occasional washed-out picture of my kids to have a handy souvenir for grandma. Soon I realised the camera was too cool for that, so I started taking pictures of all the things, places (and yes, sometimes even people) that I found worthy of the Polaroid treatment, always enjoying myself in the process. Then I lost my first camera (it was a cheap Impulse Portrait model, but you can't put a price tag on nostalgia, right ?). So after some period of mourning, I bought another. Then another. And another. You get the picture.

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