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I'll start off by saying all of my photos are straight out of the camera. No photoshopping aside from an occasional rotation or crop.

I am amazed by what can be done with long exposure and light sources. The techniques are endless. Considering painting with light is the art of making space and time your canvas and using light as your medium, a lot of potential lies in this basic definition.

Flickr has been an excellent source for me to share and get ideas regarding photography in general but of course my main focus is light painting. The group that continues to inspire me the most are the Light Junkies. The best source online for all things LP.

I look forward to seeing where I can take this and seeing what other great light painters come up with throughout time as the art form progresses.

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    pssweany says:

    "I haven't been back into light painting for long but I wanted to leave something to show my appreciation for tackyshack. His photos have always been an inspiration to me and I love coming to his stream seeing all the new crazy stuff he thinks of and then paints. Tacky probably influenced me more than anyone to come back to the light painting scene and I'm really happy to be back. Thanks man!"

    March 6th, 2013

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    TigTab says:

    "Jeremy, your passion, seemingly endless energy, and dedication to light painting is second to none. You are such an inspiration, and your energy infects all who see your work.

    You dare to go where no one has been before, and light the way forward into new areas of Light Painting.

    You’ve set the trend with your camera toss and Tacky mask photography, and I cant wait to see what you do next - it’s a great ride watching your work as it evolves.

    Thanks for all of your support and encouragement :o)"

    September 22nd, 2010

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    [Nocturne] says:

    "Jeremy has done some very inspirational work using techniques I can't even get my head around using. The atmosphere he creates in his images are very surreal and psychedelic. Even looking back at his first work his ideas were larger than life and working on such a big scale and putting so much effort in to one picture pays of well in the results. I've been amazed so much already and can expect a "Bright" future for Tackyshack. Congratulations on all the great work and keep it up.


    May 22nd, 2010

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    Catch-light says:

    "tackyshack is where its at -------a true lightpainter with heaps of dedication and imagination ----he was one of the first LP'ers that i seen and was in shock when i seen his images ----his mask series has a stamp in the LP community -- - im always looking forward to seeing what tacky pulls off next ----"

    May 4th, 2010

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    BlaisOne says:

    "Tacky Tacky Tacky...
    You light up the night with some wicked ideas.
    Never scared to try somethings new, crazy, off the wall, or... well Tacky.
    Inspiration goes both ways.

    Will cross paths before long and light one up ;)"

    January 2nd, 2010

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    Hannu Huhtamo says:

    "Tackyshack has found his own style. It's always a pleasure to watch his experimental and innovative pictures. Tacky's enthusiasm and passion are enviable. Those are the qualities of a true artist.

    For example, his light mask series is really awesome and unique.
    His freedom from prejudice often inspires me to try something new.

    Keep up the magnificent light work fella!"

    December 25th, 2009

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    jah~ says:

    "Jeremy has a rare passion for his art and is always pushing the envelope on what can be achieved with a light source(s) and a camera in bulb mode. He has inspired the light-painting community with his famous shack, which in my opinion has transcended tacky, entering the realm of legend. And his masks are nothing short of genius. Keep on being tacky, LegendaryShack!"

    December 24th, 2009

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    TxPilot says:

    "This is long overdue but I am glad that I got to know a little more about Jeremy before sitting down to write this testimonial. Jeremy is a true artist! I think that many in the light painting community on flicker would agree with me that the enthusiasm and excitement he shows towards the art is unmatched by anyone! His experimentation and imagination seem to be limitless. He likes to push his creativity is not afraid to try it all! I often wonder when he even has time to sleep! On top of all this, he always takes time to help others and give positive feedback and encouragement to everyone. This along with a few other things he has shared with me over the past several months have given me a high respect for him as a person and as an artist. He is an absolutely amazing person! It is a privilege to call him a friend. Keep up the great work my friend! :-)"

    December 23rd, 2009

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    Captain Blithering says:

    "Light painter extraordinaire. Tackyshack is always thinking outside the box and coming up with new original stuff. I can't wait to see what you'll do next, keep up the good work,"

    December 1st, 2009

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    jannepaint says:

    "Tackyshack is truly a real artist. It's rare to witness such a passion for art as is in his light painting photos and the Shackstein Ceiling paintings! Tackyshack seems to have a constant source for inspiration and passion to explore new ways of light painting.
    I bet there's tons and tons of great material coming from tackyshack also in the future and I'm really looking forward to it!"

    November 30th, 2009

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    -glyph- says:

    "tackyshack is an inspirational dude, his ideas on light painting are original and well executed.

    i especially like the bubble and mask shots, and look forward to seeing how far he can go with it.

    he's also a fantastic contributor to discussion and comments on photos, thanks tacky, you're a champ ;)"

    October 30th, 2009

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    JacquiJSB says:

    "Mr Tackyshack started to get into his light painting similar time to myself. Has been great watching his progress from crazy full on light fun to his more recent work where he is creating some amazing compositions. Now fully utilizing his surroundings to add depth and humour to his shots.
    Keep on exploring and most of all having fun Mr T."

    October 31st, 2009

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