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I am a married American attorney with Norwegian roots living in Illinois, but looking forward to a life by the sea. I have two children, Spencer Canyon and Sierra Nicole Eidsmoe.

I have two books of photography, you can view the books here:

My Perspective by Dan Eidsmoe | BOOK INFO
Portraits by Dan Eidsmoe | BOOK INFO

Spencer, my son

Scientists tell us that eyesight works this way: light enters the eye through the pupil, where it's collected on the retina, then transmitted to the visual cortex, an area at the back of the brain where it's somehow translated in our minds into an image. What no one has entirely explained is how these weightless images-the things we see-can affect us so deeply. All we know for sure is that they defy the laws of physics. No matter how old you are, photographs can move you. A room hung with photos is a room hung with thoughts.

Why is my screen name "Symbiosis"? Symbiosis is defined as: "the intimate living together of two dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship." As a scuba diver I get to see upclose a number of mutually beneficial relationships (for example the cleaner shrimp and a grouper). This sort of relationship, either in the sea or on land is fascinating and inspiring. If you look closely enough at this photo of a reef shark that I took while diving in the Bahamas you will see a remora on the shark's underside. This is a good example of a symbiotic relationship. In this instance the remora gets protection from the shark and a free ride while using the suction device on its head. The remora also eats up the scraps of food left by the host. The shark is not harmed or helped by this relationship. This form of symbiosis is known as "commensalism".

One of my Flickr contacts from Greece (Kostas) had this to say about the word I use as my avatar: "You should know that the term "symbiosis" comes from the Greek language... It means that people should work together! It means 'live together, understand and accept each other'.... In other words, members of a family do that. " Kostas is right, we should all work together to understand each other.

Photography is a passion of mine. It is a means of communication for me. I have a journalism background but became a lawyer to pay the bills (this camera habit is expensive). Over the last three years I have had approximately 20 photographs published in 3 freelance newspaper articles that I have written. I have several photos published on the pro beach volleyball website:

That's me taking photos in the background (squinting) without my sunglasses.

I am a nature nut although I wouldn't call myself a "tree hugger" just yet. I respect all living things but I am not a vegetarian. I do move the occasional bug off the sidewalk. I have adopted two dogs from the Humane Society. I don't have either of them now.

Jellyfish are beautiful creatures

People have asked if I will sell any of my photos. I have a good day job. I don't need the money. I often give many of the prints away as presents. Several professional volleyball players have my photos hanging in their homes. I find that to be a great compliment. I dislike it when people steal my photos. But I have no problem giving versions of them away when asked. If you want one send me an e-mail at: I will probably say "yes".

I made a postage stamp out of this photo which I took in the Dominican Republic
Sting and the Police in concert in St. Louis
Sheryl Crow in Bloomington, Illinois
A rural road in southeast Utah

Camera information: I own four cameras, two digital and two 35mm. The digital cameras are the Canon 5D and the 50D. I did not purchase the kit lens with either camera. The lenses that I own are the Canon 24mm, 50mm, 100mm (macro), 135mm, the 24-70L mm and the 70-200L mm series telephoto lenses. Much of my gear was purchased at KEH and B&H.

My favorite photographic technique is blurring the background of the subject so that the viewer's attention is not distracted. "Bokeh" is a Japanese term used to describe the portion of an image that is perceptibly out of focus. These photographs are an example of where I achieved good bokeh.

Sierra, my daughter
Marilynn, my aunt

I probably enjoy macro subjects the best. This is a recent collection of images associated with that interest.

My first magazine cover:

My second magazine cover

An article about my photography that first appeared in a small newspaper and was later picked up by the Associated Press, the USA Today and the Chicago Tribune:

The newspaper link:

Marriott purchased this photo from me:

Without a doubt my favorite lens is the Canon 100mm macro lens.

If I had one dream assignment it would be to have a press pass for BigTen or NFL football. I have taken some great sports photographs from the seats, but I really want to try my hand with press credentials.
Chicago Bulls action at the United Center in Chicago

I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I have enjoyed taking them!

Symbiosis (a/k/a Dan Eidsmoe)

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    fotoJENica says:

    "Dan, "Symbiosis," captures mood, personality and emotion always! His photo gallery is wonderful! Every photo is unique and unstructured. Spontaneity and creativity are very evident in his images, and that is probably what keeps me going back for more. Lots of character in his very powerful images!"

    July 19th, 2006

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    Extra Medium says:

    "Dan has a wide variety of photographic interests and shoots them with precision and brilliance. He knows how to get the most out of each shot, and always creates a perspective that is stunning to the viewer. What I love most is the colors he's able to get."

    March 1st, 2006

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    RobFather says:

    "Symbiosis (if that is your real name) helped me get motivated to seek out photography as a hobby. His work still inspires me to improve my own work."

    April 20th, 2005

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