Alice is..., fluffy, foolish, childish, pensive, dastardly, sugar-powered, and absolutely IN LOVE with her husband!


I'm a girl who writes a lolita fashion-inspired blog: Pink ♥ Milk ♥ Tea. I used to frequent EGL on LiveJournal and daily_lolita on LiveJournal as hellowonderland, but that's mostly defunct thanks to the way the internet changes. I have a website,, that I mostly use to detail things about my dolls or host content for projects.


I own several ball-jointed dolls and Japanese vinyl dolls, mostly by Volks and Azone. I'm on Den of Angels with the username of MilkyTea. I use the same username on ChiTownDollz, DollyMarket, and DollfieDreams.


I used to collect My Little Pony toys, focusing on the third and forth releases, G3 (2003-2008) and G4 (2010 to present). ♥ I bought/sold and enjoyed the communities at MLP Arena as LittlexFlitter (formerly SwirlyPop) and MLP Trading Post as Princess Pinkie Pie.

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