Me am swankivy. Among other things, I am a writer, a daughter, a sister, an editor, a webmistress, an artist, and a singer. I like corn. I'm a graduate of a four-year college. Degree is elementary education. Not too happy about it as I never wanted to be a teacher. Too selfish. Teaching requires that you become your job. Writing is the only job I want as part of my identity.

I am a writer, not just a person who writes. There is a difference. A big one.

To get to know me better, try experiencing my creative efforts:

I write stories. Maybe check out one of my short stories at my website. I'm hoping my fantasy novel series--which is on submission through my literary agent--will find a publishing home soon.

I draw two webcomics: Negative One (a fantasy/speculative fiction comic drawn in attempted realistic pencil style) and So You Write (a humorous comic about being a writer drawn in color chibi-manga style). The story comic updates on Fridays and the strip comic updates whenever I want, something like monthly.

I write rants and essays. You might find them educational or amusing. I especially do a lot of education for asexuality, and have written a nonfiction book on the topic. It is on its way to being published through my nonfiction agent.

I bake a lot. Recipes, anyone?

I like singing and you can listen to me here

I enjoy the following hobbies:

Writing annoyingly long character-oriented fantasy novels.
Using my soprano voice to its fullest.
Playing ridiculous pranks.
Working on my personal website, which is threatening at this moment to take over the Internet.
Reading books that don't insult my intelligence.
Doodling in the margins, occasionally fairly well.
Beating other people at their own games.

I am talented in the following:

Imitating the voices of several cartoon characters.
Identifying grammatical errors, typos, and things in language that are just WRONG.
Playing musical instruments; I play eight instruments with varying degrees of incompetence.
Memorizing useless things and finding odd times to recite them.
Surprising people with my unbalancing honesty.
Typing. Faster than 100 wpm.

Check me out, yo.

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October 2005
Tampa, USA
I am:
Female and Single
Secretary and Editor