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Hi, there. This is Cougar from Taipei, Taiwan.

Welcome to my flickr album~

My IG (Instagram) ID : suvcougar


[something about me]

On June 6, 2004, I got my first DSLR Nikon D70.

I don't have good skills but I persevere with my camera to see this world.


Since the middle of Oct, 2007, after 3 years playing camera by myslef, I finally take a photo lesson about B/W Documentary. In the middle of Sep, 2008, I'd finished 3 sessions of b/w documentary lessons.


Thank you for stopping by~ Have a nice one~



自己亂拍3年後, 因好友eddy的呼喚, 開始學習黑白攝影

2007年10月中~2008年9月中, 上翁庭華老師的黑白紀實影像課程, 在三期九個月的課程中, 開始真正學習構圖, 對黑白影像開始有點接觸, 也開始自己在家沖底片, 好友Hugo更是義薄雲天的把底掃放在我家讓我掃圖, 真是太感激了~

期許未來, 當然會持續對攝影的熱情繼續釋放快門~

翁老師說: 攝影需要熱情不需要激情; 攝影要持久不是瞬間


Cougar (2008.9.14)


Huawei Mate10 pro (2018/1/23~)

Huawei Mate9(2016/12/9~2018/1/23) 436 photos


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Cougar 的照片 質感與細緻程度 令人激賞 ^^

April 28, 2008