I made this account do to war Israel is in to support Israel and support the Israel army .There are some people that will like case-fire .A case-fire will not work with terrorists.

Think US and think UN this not government conflict , this is a Jihad problem that will like to go to war with Israel and other western countries!!

I also made this account do to the fake liberals that no longer support equality ,fair pay at work ,and rights to female and all gender equality .

It has been taken over by fake liberals and neoliberals that does care about people and equality but big businesses and money making.

The conservatives discriminate among females ,gay people ,lesbains people ,oppose sectarianism society ,they believe religion must be taught in school ,and society needs to pump religion ,females are inferior than man and belong in house , having kids and doing house work , they believe females should not work and stay home. so on.

What happem to the old liberals that where removing the conservatives way of thought?

I'm sick of the media bias for Palestine and support for Venezuela and downgrade the threat of the jihad.And turn the other way when comes to Iran and North Korea .Other typical modern liberals

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