I want to give a big "Thank You" to everyone who visits my photostream. And my contacts are extremely important to me. I have been on Flickr for almost three years now and I enjoy seeing all your photos so much.

Please do not use my photos without permission. Send me a Flickr mail if you would like to use one of my photos. I will also block anyone who favorites my photos and has a gray icon and no pictures of their own for me to see. I have found several times that some of my pictures are "faved" and then I go to that person's stream and it seems inappropriate what they are faving them for. SO... do not fave my photos if you have nothing to show me. And I am not interested in anything pornographic. You will be blocked.

I like posting well-composed and edited photos from my digital cameras. However, I also like to post Straight Out Of The Camera shots of mundane things that have caught my eye for some reasons. Sometimes I will post the reason, and other times I just post it to Flickr because it is something I want to remember. I got an iPhone at the end of February 2011, which has been alot of fun. I use it more for taking pictures than actually making phone calls. I have several photo apps on my phone and I definitely have my favorites and ones I use more than others. Any photos I have posted from my iPhone are NOT edited at all. They are either SOOC or SOOC with the use of an app/effect. I do not go back and edit those later at all. I like taking a variety of pictures so that everyone that sees my stream will se something they like.

My 4000th photo posted:

horses making faces 362 by f l a m i n g o

My 5000th photo posted:
5000 by f l a m i n g o

My 6000th photo posted:
church near Ground Zero by f l a m i n g o

My 7000th photo posted:
pink water in fountain for breast cancer awareness month by f l a m i n g o

My 8000th photo posted:
8000 by f l a m i n g o

My 9000th photo posted:
9000 by f l a m i n g o

My 10000th photo posted:
10,000 by f l a m i n g o

My 11000th photo posted:
lions at the Predator Ridge habitat by f l a m i n g o

My 12000th photo posted:
12,000 by f l a m i n g o

My 13000th photo posted:
13000 by f l a m i n g o

My 14000th photo posted:
66/365/3 by f l a m i n g o

My 15000th photo posted:
Dining room chandelier, Casa Bonita by f l a m i n g o

My 16000th photo posted:
46/365/4 by f l a m i n g o

My 17000th photo posted:
Lemon seeds starting to sprout by f l a m i n g o

My 18000th photo posted:
342/365/4 by f l a m i n g o

My 19000th photo posted:
Vegas April 2016 032 by f l a m i n g o

My 20000th photo posted:
HFF -7/22/16 by f l a m i n g o

My 21000th photo posted:
Central Park stairs by f l a m i n g o

My 24000th photo posted:
Santa Cruz organic by f l a m i n g o

My 27000th photo posted:
18/365/7 by f l a m i n g o

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    Captain Creepy says:

    "Tricia is a truly gifted prolific photographer(ess)? photographess? she-photographer?..Ok skip it, I don't want to appear sexist..I'm trying to say she is a consummate photographer period!...in every sense of the word.. she chronicles every day of her life in vivid images and places that she visits, often places I could only wish to see myself...
    Tricia never ceases to capture my attention as I page through her photostream and fave her images proudly...
    I am honored to have her as my contact, as she is one of my most loyal and generous Flickr Friendz and well deserving of my accolades.
    I shall continue to look forward to seeing more and more of her very tasteful work..."

    July 22nd, 2012

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    Seeking Serendipity says:

    "'flamingo' is one of the nicest, coolest, most sincere people on Flickr, with a wide variety of photos. It's always a pleasure to see the new photos here, and people like flamingo make Flickr a neat place! The world needs more people like flamingo!"

    March 12th, 2012

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    RLGarlick says:

    "Tricia/Bell/Flamingo! One of my favorite Flickr contacts! Your creative documentation of your life and other peoples have inspires me as a photographer! From, chatting with the homeless, introducing me to ttv, bench Monday’s and Toby! Your photo’s always put a smile on my face and pushes me to do my best! Thanks for support and friendship you truly are a wonderful contact! -RLGarlick"

    September 1st, 2011

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    pinktigger says:

    "Tricia is one of the most sensitive and sweet persons on flickr, the style of her pictures is unique and reflects her romantic sould and big heart.
    I'm so proud to be a friend of yours and I feel so close to you in spite of the miles and the oceab that separate us..."

    May 7th, 2011

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    Alexandre Kundun says:

    "It is an honor to count among my contacts Tricia, we never get bored with you, what you propose is quite different. I feel that you are a beautiful person with the pictures you show us, and in the comments that you write.

    I'm awarded my seal of quality for all of your work."

    August 7th, 2010

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    traveling peter says:

    "Bell41~ is the most active among the Flickr members, whose steams I look at regularly. I always enjoy seeing her photos and comments. She has many specialties, let me mention some of them: flowers, animals (funny, more often than not), ttv, Denver houses, Colorado landscapes, her adorable kids. And I certainly particularly like Bell's original/creative shots, where you tend to find her on benches on Monday and under tables on Friday!"

    May 25th, 2010

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