I am Chad, a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident in 1989 >:-)))

Here's a link to a book I wrote called Where There Was No Path:

The link below is for my artist resume:


Look at my website for more information about my hobby of sugar collecting ;-))) www.sugarpacketchad.com

Check out these fun old German sugar videos:

This one has an Animated Professor Theme
This one has a Party Theme
This one has an Animated Pirate Theme

Here's a really cool song from Dixie Crystals:

Here's a radio interview with me in the 90's by Julie Bernard, host of Art Focus on KBOO 90.7 in Portland, Oregon: www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8PJRnPDy_E

Here is a Video where me and a friend go out in search of a dynamic donut: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEbY2QDdM4g&feature=channel_page

Here's a video of me thanking Redpath sugar for sending me an apron from their company: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyXckkcvU6A

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    vs-- says:

    "Chad is an amazing contact to have. He is a genuinely lovely guy, as well as having a great photostream. I always look forward to your next uploads! :D"

    25th May, 2010

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    Victor Mui says:

    "I visit a lot of photostreams now and then and out of all of them, he has the most unique photographs. It amazes me how many pictures you can take and regularly update all revolving around one theme! Keep up the great work!"

    28th March, 2010

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    /:/:/: says:

    "Photography always involves travel. Time travel, viewing other worlds and perspectives, internal travel, and much more. But with Chad's photostream you get a bit EXTRA! He shows us his travels to other countries, the many many things he sees and cherishes, as well as his many talents! And he keeps our sweet little buddy SUGAR right next to us along for the ride! Now thats travellin' in STYLE!! Thanks Chad, you're great! :)"

    20th November, 2009

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    psycho_pixie says:

    "I am so glad to have Chad as one of my contacts! He is so awesome, regularly visits and comments plus takes some super fun photos of his own! Check out his website www.sugarpacketch... and I guarantee that you will learn a LOT about sugar that you never knew. We take this item for granted every day but like salt it has an amazing history.
    Thank you Chad for being who you are and not giving up on yourself. I am proud of you too and glad to call you a friend!"

    28th April, 2009

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    Vanilla Monkey Bear says:

    "Chad is the most amazing sugar collector on Flickr !!!
    His photos are really artistic and funny, and they make people smile !
    They also inspire me a lot !
    I admire Chad 'cause I could never have a sugar collection because I wolud eat it ! :-)
    Chad made a website about sugar and I really love it, there you can find everything you need to know about Sugar !
    He's also a musician like me, and I think that sweetness matches perfectly with music !!! - Vanilla Bear :-D"

    18th February, 2009

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    shutterhoney says:

    "Chad is a prolific photographer and artist. He is also very supportive of his flickr friends and always has great feedback. I enjoy seeing his recent uploads and his comments often make my day!!! Chad is terrific!"

    12th February, 2009

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    RIPizzo says:

    "Sugarpacketchad is creative and artistic with his photographs. I enjoy seeing photos of his collections and have found him to be a very kind and warm friend here on Flickr.

    Chad, You have overcome so many obstacles and your 'story' is an INSPIRATION to ME and to all people. We love you !!

    xoxo Rebecca"

    19th December, 2008

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    BC'sMom says:

    "Chad is one of the nicest and sweetest guys on Flickr, and he has the best sugar packet photos!"

    18th October, 2008

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    proggirl says:

    "His sugar packets collection is awesome!
    And his photography is so real and emotive!

    19th October, 2008

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    amusable says:

    "Chad is the "Sultan of Sugar", the "Guru of Sweetness" and a really nice guy. I learn something everyday from his photo stream. I am completely fascinated with sugar now, thanks Chad!"

    13th October, 2008

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    the wreath witch says:

    "of course chad is sweet but he sees things in a wonderful way
    best of all he shares it with us."

    31st August, 2008

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    kathleenjacksonphotography says:

    "Chad is a sweet and decadent treat! His photos make everyone smile!! I can't wait to see what he will say and do next! Quick-witted, nerdy and kind"

    5th August, 2008

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    emma_vera73 says:

    "Sugar Chad....sinpatico, creativo e dolce...come una bustina di zucchero :-)"

    1st July, 2008

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    Ula P says:

    "Hello Chad...you are sweet...even sweeter than sugar. I like your photos and crazy ideas ! Every day I go to my work with your bag :-)
    Kiss you and hug you :-)))"

    21st March, 2008

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    therehastobeme says:

    "Chad is a great guy and a very good friend and neighbor"

    18th March, 2008

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    Eddy Westveer says:

    "This sweet guy has an amazing collection of sugar related parafernalia. And as a matter of fact you find sugar and sweetness in his whole Flickr-collection. His favourite maxim is: be nice to the world and you will receive sweetness! You might even be lucky and get an Official Garden Gnome Award!
    And thanks for sharing the Doughnut Supplementations!


    30th January, 2008

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    ~Kicha~ says:

    "sugarpacketchad -- first of all has the most original name I've come across in a long time.

    What brought me to his photos was the one he had of the men working high above on what looks like steel girders. I have a fear of heights and looking at those photos quite honestly made me dizzy.

    And his love of sugar and the creativity he shows in packaging the product is phenomenal."

    20th January, 2008

Chad Gierlich
June 2007
Beaverton, USA
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