Currently teaching photography @ The Photographic Imaging College, high school Multimedia.

Studied Education @ Melbourne University, after completing Bachelor of Media Arts @ RMIT.

I have been working as a media artist for five years mainly in the fields of digital photography and experimental audio. I have participated in photographic exhibtions at the Glen Eira Town Hall, Preview Gallery, First Site @ RMIT and 69 Smith St. I have also been profiled on JJJ arts program Artery for experimental music in 2002.

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    ___________no says:

    "Your photostream is a m a z i n g, I can come back to it everyday and enjoy the photos, over and over again."

    August 26th, 2010

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    Thunderchild7 says:

    "Not bad for a 'Stralian, mate

    Real / imaginary status yet to be determined needs to have met s2 irl then we'll bump him into the real realm.

    He does a podcasty thing that I haven't listened to despite subscribing. and takes nice photos of beer bottles"

    August 4th, 2009

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    thomask says:

    "subbie subbie subie - podcaster, dj, drinker, teacher, and oh yeah photographer! not necessarily in that order, but not neccessarily not in that order, if you know what i mean. subbie's taste in all things - beer women music pictures - is second to none. sometimes it's also first to none, but ususally only after one too many beers. meet the brother if you haven't already done so, he's a top bloke!"

    November 4th, 2008

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    that's MR. POPLABS says:

    "an ongoing project that explores the evidence of how 1 can f i n d m e a n i n g i n t he spa c e s &d s o u n d s dat go with 'em

    gawd DAMN sweet th r e a d"

    July 29th, 2008

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    gregor_y says:

    "I wish I'd been as cool as SUBz when I was a lad. But I wasn't; it took an extra couple decades for me to get that hip. And I might be deluding myself - he's pretty #%$^ing hip. He seems to have some sort of synesthesia - when he sees a picture, he hears it as music. Or maybe when he hears a song, he discovers that it's the soundtrack to a street he's walking down. Either way, it's a damn fine talent he's got, and I'm glad I know him."

    July 29th, 2008

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    ghostbore says:

    "I like subsonix. His pictures are way cooler than cylamedia."

    July 28th, 2008

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    Drunken Monkey says:

    "I can honestly say that his fame hasn't changed him one bit.

    He's still a tit.

    He does know his way around low-res cameras though. I'd have to admit that."

    July 25th, 2008

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    dr_sponge says:

    "I don't know anything about Mr. SONIX.

    But I hear he likes low rez and booze, and that's enough for me."

    July 24th, 2008

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    Jakes_World says:

    "Ah, what to say about the boy wonder that I know and love as Subbyz? The man let himself be photographed wearing Christmas lights, for goodness sakes! And for an uber-talented photog, that's saying a lot. He's serious, yet not. Talented with the megacams, yet he let himself be lured into the dark world of Lo-Res Lovers. Many levels, many layers.. and we admire them all.. You rock Subbyz!"

    December 9th, 2007

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    kiss kiss bang bang says:

    "If ever I was looking for someone to wrestle in mashed potatoes, I wouldn't ask subzy. For that I go to www.mashedpotatow....

    but when it comes to making photos, he's right good."

    November 23rd, 2007

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    Lord_of_the_Flies says:

    "Look, look, look, look, look, right, you say, right, you know what i'm saying, right? Of course, you do, right? You know exactly what the fuck I'm saying, and how I'm saying it (you getting all this down, love?), which is why I know green eggs and fucking ham is all over the price of bacon in china.

    Green tea! Green fucking chai tea! How hard can it fucking be, you idiots!"

    November 21st, 2007

January 2005
Melbourne, Australia
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