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I am pretty much interested in everything. I am a computer geek. Before the Internet, I ran a BBS and was CoSysOp of several other BBSes. I first connected to an community in 1987, when I installed my 300-baud modem. I used to make ANSI art, s3ms, and code for a couple groups. Now I make "VGA" art ;P


I completed my M.A. in German Studies at the beginning of 2008 and am putting it 100% to use in my career as a web developer (OK, not really) ;P I am still thinking about going for a Ph.D and plan to be a student the rest of my life.


I am bilingual (German and English). I have also studied several other languages, including Spanish and Hindi. I spent 10 months of 2004 working and studying in Konstanz, Germany. I love to travel and I have visited Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Morroco, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada. I would love to visit India and learn some more Hindi, or live in a Spanish-speaking country to improve my Spanish.


My work keeps me pretty busy, but if I were to have some free time again, I would probably play my guitar or piano and sing, paint, read, go snowboarding, rock climb, travel, or work on one of my geeky computer projects ;)


Other random things: I only wear toesocks and I have been vegetarian since 1993 ;D


And now you know more than you probably ever wanted to ;P

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August 30, 2008