Kobra- Pintor MURALISTA- Original do Brasil-

Eduardo Kobra was born in Sao Paulo and started your first lines in 1987, together with the second generation of graffiti influenced by hip hop, but unquiet of personality, he picked up fast, developed your own technique of expression. Your creations are rich in details, extremely real, with the perfect esthetic, that are fruits of detailed researches that count with the vision and technique of an architect, urbanist and specialist in execution of bi and tri dimensional projects for the public space Marcio Rodriges Luiz.

Even know a personal contact was never made, one of the principals masters of today is the American Eric Grohe, the artist that makes the art a way of transformation. The dimension, the perfection and the realism of your murals confuse the eyes of who watches, reducing the difference between sculpture and painting. The works of Kobra, most executed before the contact with the art of Grohe, brings similar features. The Brazilian artist has worked with companies such as Playcenter, Beto Carrero World, Coca Cola, Nestlé, Chevrolet, Ford, Roche, Jonnie Walker, Roche, Iodice, Carmim e para as agências The Marketing Store, Diageo, Agnelo Pacheco, besides the fact that he worked with the arquitect Sig Bergamin for the Lê Lis Blanc.


Project " Wall of Memories"
The artist Eduardo Kobra is making the city of Sao Paulo look prettier. The project has the main goal to transform the urban scenery through the art. It's a mix of the old look with the modern, by the reproduction of the images from the last century on the walls of the city. Since the beginning of the year six murals were done and the goal is to make another six until the end of the year. Kobra develops works that mix the lines of the airbrush with the inspiration of the modern graffiti, rich in lights and shadows. The result is tri dimensional that allows the public to interact with the work.
The first mural done was the most important of Sao Paulo, the Avenida Paulista, which won on Sao Paulo's birthday the mural of your own image of the Avenida Paulista of 1920 from the book Avenida Paulista - The synthesis of the metropolis from Antonio Soukef Junior e Eduardo Albarello. The richness of the details of the work and the dimensions allows the public to interact with the work. Kobra says that the idea of the mural to reproduce the old train on the Paulista was to establish a comparison between the romantic and old look that the Paulista had back in the days with the actual look. The Avenida Sumare had the second mural. An image painted and inspired from the photo of Guilherme Gaensly from the Public Files of the Sao Paulo State that shows the Porto de Santos in the 1920's. The third one is on the Aveida Helio Pelegrino inspired by the Rua direta in 1905, from the book Remembrances of Sao Paulo by Joao Gerodetti and Carlos Cornejo. The work was done in the beginning of June. The forth work shows the Rua Ranges Pestana in 1900, was painted inside the store Magma that is located in the same street. The image, shows the stores from the last century wich looks almost the same from now days. The most recently was done in august, for the 447 years of the Bairro Pinheiros, the artist reproduced a photo from Jurandir Goldschimidt, which shows the Lake Pinheiros in 1920, the mural have 200m² on the side wall of the Church of Calvario in Pinheiros. The sixth mural show the Bonde Camarao in Parque Antarctica was reproduced in Rua Belmiro Braga, Vila Madalena. The artist wants to make at least another six murals and for that he is looking for the support of companies to help with the material used to make the panels and assume the partnership to give this gift to Sao Paulo.
"My goal is to give this gift to Sao Paulo, through my work. I belive that it contributes to bring the good old days to the residents and the visitors of the city, and to give a better look to the city" says Kobra

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    typical power says:

    "Eu confesso! Eu confesso!!!
    No ínício eu não gostava muito do que via nas ruas, mas passou o tempo e tenho que TORNAR PÚBLICO O MEU APREÇO E ADMIRAÇÃO pelos "MURAIS FANTÁSTICOS" QUE VOCE(S) VEM FAZENDO!!!
    Sim, não são graffiti, são pinturas "SENSACIONAIS" feitas por quem estudou e trampou muito! Faz tempo que eu gostaria de poder ligar e dizer isso pessoalmente! PARABÉNS, VOCES SÃO IMBATÍVEIS, MOTIVO DE ORGULHO PARA SÃO PAULO/BRASIL!!! Abraços!"

    July 17th, 2008

eduardo kobra - Pintor Muralista -
November 2007
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são paulo, brasil
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