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"When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph." - Annie Leibovitz

For me, photography allows me to connect with wonderful and extraordinary people.
That is why I do it. That is the only reason why I do it.

My artistic training is in painting, printmaking and sculpture, but I couldn't take that with me when I went overseas. I could take a beater Nikon F. That old brassy Nikon F and a Nikkormat traveled with me all over the far east. I learned every decent photo processing place in the Orient. Then, one day I found a Nikon D200 in a pawn shop.........


When I was studying painting, I spent long nights arguing with photographers about composition, color and light. Then, and now, I see photographers bound by dogma and often suffering from a fetish for their equipment.

I approach photography from the viewpoint of a painter. There are no sacred cows, no rules to follow. I couldn't care less about tonal contrast, histograms or color balance. If I like the way something looks, and it speaks to me, that is good enough.

I maintain all rights to my work.
Do not favorite or comment on my photographs if you are not a legitimate member of flickr. I will block you if you do not have a legitimate flickr photostream.

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My images are copyrighted. You may not use them, print them, transfer them, modify them, sell them, or trade them without my explicit written permission.

Stock Agencies: If you have any interest in my photographs please contact me via Flickr. You may not use my work without my permission. My work is not available for textures, overlays or manipulation.

Potential Models: If you would like to model, or if you are in need of head shots for acting, modeling or writing, please contact me via flickrmail.If you are a musician who would like photography for album covers and promotionals, please contact me. I am always looking for new faces, and would love to schedule an interview and potential session with you. If you would like a more concise view of our professional work, please visit my zenfolio website

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    Flооd says:

    "Xavier is our resident Dadaist, philosopher and fine arts mogul. His work elevates us all. He's a ritual non-conformist, who makes the mundane beautiful. I'm so pleased to have made his acquaintance."

    October 5th, 2012

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    ricko says:

    "Xavier is one of the most creative guys that I have come in contact with on Flickr. He runs a studio that has a grand sense of humor and he produces fantastic images. I love his stuff, check him out and you too will be hooked."

    March 2nd, 2012

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    Luke-rative says:

    "I love Xavier's stream... I am always keen to check out his new work too.

    His portraits are what I come looking for. Wonderful light, unique perspectives and refreshing out takes...

    Be it natural, created or a mixture of can rely on Xavier for ART!"

    January 19th, 2011

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    Kiko Simone says:

    "What is reality? What is illusion? What is pretense and what is profound? Truth or fallacy? Does it matter anyway? Should we, as artists, try to replicate what the eye sees, or go beyond that and create what we think it should see? Do we photograph the skin and bones of a person? Or do we illuminate their soul?

    These questions sound trite, but never before has anyone brought them more into focus than did Xavier over dinner. I was so lucky to sit beside him. I would never see the same again.

    Some of his most simple images are his most profound. Xavier is a true believer in the Less is More approach to art, of all types, visual, aural, and delectable. Like Paul Klee he walks a line between the child and the philosopher. And he merges the two into a brilliant elemental power that I have never witnessed before.

    Thank you for your vision dear friend."

    January 1st, 2011

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    Danielle_T says:

    "I'm not very good with words so would just like to say Xavier is not only an awesome photographer with his own great style but a top bloke too!"

    September 20th, 2010

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    wizardjks says:

    "Xavier is so awesome with lighting in his portraits
    always love the catchlights in the end result

    you can see he puts a lot of effort involved in setting up portraits
    his is a photostream you'll get addicted to"

    September 18th, 2010

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    *Rockabilly Baby* says:

    "I knew Xavier long before he went overseas and got into photography. Three decades ago, he was a hell of an artist. He still is. Xavier's work of the highest technical caliber and it has a soul all its own that shines through. This was so in his paintings, and I see it now in his photography.

    Xavier is a cerebral sort, one who does thoughtful, provocative work that is able to stand alone. As a painter and printer, Xavier was a master of composition and color. This same mastery is readily apparent in his photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my old friend struggle with conqering light as a photographer. For Xavier though, color, composition and light are only tools in a toolbox to be used towards the greater goal of speaking through visual imagery.

    The brush and pigment was once his partner, as was the stylus and litho crayon. How strange that he is now dabbling in lenses, light and pixels. Still painting Xavier? I hope so. I hope you haven't forgotten the points I made as we argued about art and photography late into the night.

    Xavier is also one of the nicest, most humble and thoughtful artists I have ever met. The guy is widely read and has traveled the world. He is a renaissance man and a mensch. He has lived, loved and lost. He has a story to tell. Through all this, he has no pretensions. He is as comfortable talking art with a mechanic or a logger as he is with another artist. He is himself."

    February 4th, 2010

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    bawdy door says:

    "Studio d'Xavier has opened my eyes to a world of complexity and beauty that I had never known before.
    He's a master of manipulating light and shadow.
    He's a genius composer.
    He makes me smile constantly, between moments of jaw dropping!
    Hes mad genius, and I'm grateful!"

    January 1st, 2010

Xavier J. Peg
April 2009
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Studio d'Xavier