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Students can face a great deal of pressure when it comes to standard national testing. They can often find taking exams such as the SATs, 11-Plus, and GCSEs challenging. The pressure of preparing for these exams can be difficult, especially if the student isn’t completely confident with the subjects covered by the exams and hasn’t received sufficient additional help to overcome their problems. Parents who find out about these problems late in the day may then scramble to find an appropriate tutor, which can turn out to be an expensive solution, particularly if the student has been struggling quietly for a long time.


Identifying and getting ahead of any difficulty with certain subjects well before such exams are due is important to help ensure success. That is why The Student Support Centre advocates early parental involvement and monitoring of their child’s progress, particularly in the basic skills areas of maths, English, and reading. A strong foundation in these subjects is necessary to progress successfully to future classes in other subjects. Parents who obtain extra help for their children through programmes such as The Student Support Centre’s ‘simply’ lessons may help prevent future struggles, particularly around these vital exams, allowing students to thrive.

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