2/1/2014 Gearing up for the storm season, I have upgraded cameras to the Nikon D7000 and picked up a used chevy suburban 4x4 to chase in. I am really hoping to get out there this season and travel further north into tornado alley. I have recently decided to try and ask for donations to help fund my storm photography. I am not charging for the use of my photos as they can all be copied from flickr and used for you non commercial purposes. Many of my photos are being used on the Yahoo! weather app(which I dont get paid for:() So if anyone would like to donate please contact me directly or paypal to Ur2noz83@yahoo.com. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will be used for mainly gas and hopefully to help with time off of work as I am planning a week long expedition during the peak in the season. I attended the national weather service spotter training seminar last year and learned a lot more about the storms I am so fascinated with ending the previous year with several 'almost' tornado pictures. Please feel free to share my photos with your friends. I will always be taking more trying to share my vision of nature and storms. Thanks


4-28-13 Waiting for the late storm season here in north texas. I have since ditched the jeep wrangler due to mechanical problems and now Im back in my little for ranger. Ive downsized my gear this year as well, just to the nikon D60. I still have my film cameras but will not be using them for storms this year.

3-25-12--Ready to kick off storm season here in North Texas.
Still do not have my rooftop camera built due to a lack of availability of a part. I am installing a new RAM laptop mount this week for my new laptop. Also, I have a ton of new Cameras for the season. I still have my trusty Nikon D40x, as well as a D60. My dads old sears KSX 35mm, Olympus OM10, fisheye 2, 360 spinner even a functional Polaroid 600 land camera.PLus a new tripod and I finally replaced the 3 years broken kit lens for the nikon.

Update! 12-30-11 Time for the new year! I am just about ready for this storm season, have a new storm chase vehicle, 2011 Jeep Wrangler unlimited. So no road (or lack there off) will keep me from that shot I am after. The vehicle will soon be outfitted with a roof mounted camera rig I am building. So look for something different to come!

I like taking pictures to an imaginary level. I try and portray things how I see them in my mind... a bit different. Ok, really F#@cked up, but different none the less.

Lately I have acquired photoshop and lightroom which I love! I still know very little of photoshop, except for the HDRpro, and lightroom is a very powerful tool as well.

It is storm season here in north Texas, so I have saddled up my little pickup with mobile radar, camera mounts, and soon to come HD video (among the more basic needed upgrades) so I can chase the storm to get the shots I want. My goal this season is to get at least one amazing shot of a tornado. Im fascinated by mother nature and in particular storms. I always feel at peace when there is thunder.

I really like shooting at night or low light. There area a lot of unique looks you can create in low light situations, especially in HDR.

Thanks for looking and please leave comments if you see something you like!

Prints are available in a variety of sizes if anyone has an interest. (other than me, lol)

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