Hi there; I'm Chris Allen, though online I mostly go by Stormdog. This is the primary online home of my photographs.

I tend to carry a camera with me just about everywhere, and bring home a commensurate number of images. I've taken to telling people who ask why I'm carrying my Canon around that you just never know when something interesting is going to happen.

My interest in making images was first sparked by abandoned buildings and urban ruins. I love visiting shuttered theatres, silent factories, and empty schools. I take the occasional trip to Gary, Indiana or Detroit, Michigan when I can to see the the beauty of America's rust belt.

Abandoned buildings are like ghosts to me. They've been left to decay by the humans who once inhabited them, but they are tied to the physical plane by bonds of steel and concrete. They have one foot in each world and don't belong fully to either. They want their story to be told.

The range of things that catch my eye has grown to include architecture (I love Art Deco buildings especially, and I can't get enough of old movie palaces) and cityscapes, vintage roadside attractions and tourist traps, and most anything just a little bit out of the ordinary.

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  • Sitting with Marcie by stormdog42
  • Golf Course Drain - Pike Creek by stormdog42
  • Unmotivated by stormdog42
  • Posi and I Preparing to Depart for Savannah by stormdog42
  • Posi and I - Medieval Times by stormdog42
  • Christmas Party, 2014 by stormdog42
  • From Jol Ja to San Cristóbal de las Casas by stormdog42
  • From Jol Ja to San Cristóbal de las Casas by stormdog42
  • Warm Socks by stormdog42
  • MFF 2002 - My First Fursuit Photo by stormdog42
  • Cold Weather Gear or Cosplay? by stormdog42
  • Self Portrait at School by stormdog42

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Christopher Allen
October 2008
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Chicago, United States of America
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